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Strong Evidence McCain Will Win

This is a great article.  Badly-written at times, and desperately in need of a professional editing job, but it holds some compelling logic, and some maps to prove it.  The bottom line?  Why are McCain and Palin campaigning in the supposedly extremely blue states of Iowa and Pennsylvania (and non-blue Ohio) so late in the game?  If you believe that it is, as the media claims, a “hail mary” desperation attempt, and McCain cannot win, then why is Obama campaigning in those same spots?

Conclusion: the models are crap, they are coming up with the numbers they want and then finding ways to justify them rather than actually trying to understand voters.  Those states are all either leaning or solidly red, and McCain will win in a surprise landslide.

Democrats and/or Obama supporters will be forgiven for not being willing to slog through such a long article that insults everything they believe, but I do urge you to return here after Obama loses and read to understand why he did.


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