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Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii

No one would ever think McCain could win any of those four.  If the current numbers are correct, then those 77 electoral votes are sufficient for Obama to win.

The only chance is if the exit polls for some close state like Ohio or Pennsylvania are wrong.

Yeah, sure, the nation can survive huge blunders like Carter and the Prohibition.  But it ain’t pleasant while we work past those problems, you know.


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The Democratic Man Always Tries to Keep Me Down.

When in doubt, disenfranchise the military vote.

Things like this really make me lean toward agreeing with Heinlein, i.e., only those who have demonstrated they are willing to die for their country/community should be trusted with the vote, because it really cuts down on the “vote yourself largess from the public trough” problem.


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Holy Crap

Yeah, this is intimidating.  This guy with the nightstick was way out of bounds.


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Election Night

My biggest problem right now?

I have no idea who to trust for numbers, predictions, exit polls, leanings, state wins, etc.

I don’t think we will now who our next President will be until tomorrow morning.  Or even later, if there are any real or manufactured controversies.

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