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In my experience of reading liberal commenters on both right-leaning and left-leaning blogs, liberals will justify any action they want to take (or have taken) by claiming:
1) Republicans did it once before
2) Republicans thought about it once
3) Republicans might do it someday
4) Under some incredibly unlikely circumstances, someone who claimed to be a Republican might possibly do it
5) Someone did it who has no connection to Republicans or conservatives in any way, shape, or form but can be blamed as a “right-winger” by the compliant news media
6) The end can be ambiguously described as something conservatives ostensibly would want, or at least could be shamed into not opposing, i.e., “Jesus would want you to support single-payer health coverage!”


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Hubble Deep Field Political Angle

The video, via The Corner.

The narrator says something like, “There are over 100 billion galaxies in the universe.  Simply saying that number doesn’t really mean much to us, because it doesn’t provide any context.  Our brains have no way to accurately put that in any meaningful perspective.”
I don’t know if I agree with his assertion.  After all, that’s just about 1/8th (in dollars) of President Obama’s Stimulus Plan to keep us from going over 8% unemployment.  It’s about 1/12th (in dollars) of what President Obama has ballooned the deficit to.  And it’s about 1/10th of what the CBO projects Obama Care would cost us in new spending over the next 10 years.

How’s that for accurate context?

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Liberal Arts Colleges to Reduce Time to Get Degree

In an era when college students commonly take longer than four years to get a bachelor’s degree, some U.S. schools are looking anew at an old idea: slicing a year off their undergraduate programs to save families time and money.

That raises two questions.  Why was “four years” the standard, and why do they think they can suddenly reduce the number of years?

The four-year bachelor’s degree has been the model in the United States since the first universities began operating before the American Revolution. Four-year degrees were designed in large part to provide a broad-based education that teaches young people to analyze and think critically, considered vital preparation to participate in the civic life of American democracy.

I think I see.  Since colleges no longer bother to teach students to analyze or think critically, they don’t need four years.  I guess it takes just three years to indoctrinate students into liberal ideology.

The news item.


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Some Suggested Readings

Read this. The first section, where Rep. Nancy Pelosi wants to prosecute Republicans for something she failed to object to when given an opportunity.

Then read this, where Democrats are deliberately sidestepping our system of democracy in order to get universal health care without exposing themselves to political risk for doing so.  Shouldn’t something as big as universal health care get debated?

This one is good, too. Democrats are so in bed with their special interests that they throw poor, minority kids under the bus.

Then check this out: Democrats/Liberals are so committed to promotion on the basis of race/gender proportions, that they would rather no one fill the position than too many white males.  And it results in someone’s death.

This stunning bit of self-serving hypocrisy just must be read.  No summary on this one.

Heck, check out this: Liberals break federal law to enact the laws they wish we had.

Read this, too: A little redundant, considering President Obama’s education, but noteworthy nonetheless.

And all this follows Perez Hilton’s dishonest ambushing of Miss California. I can’t imagine a bigger jerk.  His reasoning is incoherent and stupid, as well.  His exact words: “Do you think other states should follow suit?  Why or why not?”  She answered the question.  She answered it honestly.  And Perez penalized her for not telling him what he wanted to hear.

He claimed her answer was divisive, and Miss America should not be divisive.  Well, if she had answered that, “Yes, other states should follow suit [and allow gay marriage],” then wouldn’t she have angered the 60% majority in the US that opposes gay marriage?  That’s a transparent lie on the part of Perez to give cover to the fact that he blindsided her with an unfair question, hoping to embarrass or surprise her into providing a PR boost to the gay marriage issue.

Then when asked if he wanted her to lie, he stated that she should have been more circumspect, because she was in California, of all places!  Well, WTF?  California did reject gay marriage.  A majority of voters in California did reject gay marriage.  So her answer was perfect on that score.  But, no: Perez Hilton was hoping to shame California for not doing what he wanted.

The common thread of all this?

Democrats/Liberals don’t care about law, they don’t care about consistency, they don’t care about democracy, they don’t care about logic, they don’t care about facts, they don’t care about civility, or honesty, or fairness.  They just want what they want, and they want it now, and they will use any technique to get it, because in their mind, the end justifies the means, and they’ll find a way to justify it after they get what they want.

Which usually means blaming the inevitable failure on Republicans and/or white males.


(and this was all just from today)


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Not Making Good Sense

Diversity of Thought will marginalize you.  Diversity of Thought will be punished by liberals in power whenever they can.

I don’t know about you, but that just makes me feel all sorts of secure in my rights! [/sarcasm]

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Basic Disconnects With Basic Concepts

Ezra Klein writes a little article with really bad math.

People comment, hilarity ensues.

Check out this comment, it underscores why liberals and conservatives can’t debate rationally:

This must have been what it was like to try and argue economic policy with a communist. When you establish a value system that declares the top 20% of the population is “getting screwed” when it already receives over 55% of the country’s total income, it becomes impossible to conduct a rational conversation.

First, he uses the word “receives”, as if somebody just wakes up each day and receives their income according to some arcane Right Wing/Conservative formula that rewards white men who already have money.  Um, the correct word is “earns”, as in, creates goods and services of value by bringing together effort and expertise, to which money flows, and from which the individual takes a percentage.

If you insist on obscuring the actual facts, yes, you will end up able to justify theft (involuntary taxation) and you will sound stupid to anyone capable of critical thinking.

But the truly ironic part is when he claims presenting his argument must be what it was like trying to argue with a communist, since his argument is identical to what the communist argument would be, with just as much logic.  He’s internalized that “communism is a failure due to faulty math and faulty precepts,” and so correctly rejects “communism”…but does so by refusing to reject his deeply-held beliefs that are indistinguishable from communism.

Honestly, Democrats and Liberals should really stop trying to defend their views.  Just keep yelling “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” and “right to choose,” and leave it at that.  Those who respond to such buzzwords do so without your needing to waste time crafting an argument around those words, and those who can see through such lazy thinking have already done so.

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President Obama’s Administration is Fumbling the Ball

This is turning out to be the most inept administration as far back as I can think of.

Evidence 1: Changing the rules based on populist outrage is wrong and stupid.

Evidence 2: Depending on ACORN for anything is wrong and stupid.

Evidence 3: Why are progressive values more important to export than Democracy and Liberty? 

Evidence 4: Less than a week after screwing up Russian (in a lame attempt to backstab the former President George W. Bush’s administration) on a “reset” button, the State Dept screws up the President of Brazil’s name.

Evidence 5: After making campaign accusations that President Bush wasn’t taking care of veterans, President Obama wants to make veterans pay for their own treatment.

Evidence 6: National debt hits record $11 trillion. Nearly (conservative estimate, may be far more than) $2 trillion is just for bailouts that President Obama asked for.

Evidence 7: Bailout money tends to go to those who contributed most to President Obama’s campaign.

Result:  Losing the populace, and maybe even the base.
The worst part?  This is all just off the top of my head, and all within this week.

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