Hi, I’m Nathan of Brainfertilizer “Fame”.

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a Chiefs fan.

I play guitar, write music (sometimes), and hope to be a professional writer someday.

I’m fluent in Chinese, and will translate for a modest fee.

I’m also in the military, but won’t say more than that, because I don’t want to appear to use my military position to endorse political views and individuals.


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  2. R Mark

    Nathan, Good site.

    How do we say, *good site* in Chinese?

    That is not important. What is important? Its important to recognize the fault of the school system in electing Obama to the presidency.

    A sense of history is important. I can name 1000 candidates who would would do more for the community than this messianic figure known as braaack.

    Did I mention his name is BRAAAACK ? Rhymes with AAAAAAACK!

    I can easily see why so many see him as the savior of humankind. The public schools are at fault.

  3. AgnosticMonk

    I thought China had a few languages with Cantonese being the main one.

    • chiefmuser

      It depends on what you mean.
      You can consider it one language from one point of view: it has the same written language.
      But since many of them are mutually unintelligible, they are considered separate languages, effectively.

      For instance, someone can understand Italian, even if they’ve never studied it, if they spent enough time studying Spanish.

      And there are certainly plenty of words shared by French, Italian, and Spanish.

      All the Chinese languages…or dialects, if you prefer…are similarly related.

      But in any case, Mandarin is the main one. Cantonese is only spoken in the southern regions. Mandarin is more widely spoken, is the official language of the nation (so everything official is done in Mandarin), and was the language born in the Yellow River valley. By every conceivable definition (except that of a Cantonese speaker, I guess), Mandarin is the main language.

  4. Haywood

    I must admit for all the time you have been posting on HFC your posts and comments made me think you were some dumb ass teenage kid. You post some of the dumbest inane crap and the stupidest questions. Give it up dude, you’re clueless when it comes to guitars.

    • chiefmuser

      I’m deeply saddened to not have your respect.

    • chiefmuser

      I also have to admit, I’m impressed that you felt strongly enough about insulting me that you tracked me down to my blog to say it. Most people would have just avoided reading posts from people they don’t like.

      You could have just posted it on HFC, you know. That would have helped make sure everyone knows how stupid you think I am.

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  6. Hey, Nathan,

    Thanks for the nice plugs on your blog. “Kick Ass Guitarist?” I highly doubt it, but you’ve allowed me to dream about my past musical accomplishments. Lot’s of interesting stuff, and you have quite the flair for describing your guitars. Ever thought about trying your hand at writing? ;-}

    I hope the new year treats you well … a hearty congrats on making the Major’s list. When you become field grade, nobody pushes you around anymore. (Least wise, that’s what I’ve heard.)

    I’m down to my Kammerer US Flag guitar, my lovely, carved Beardance Strat, Regal resonator, Epiphone acoustic … and I did pick up a really really really great Les Paul Gold Top Tribute with P-90’s, ONE PIECE BODY, ONE PIECE MAPLE TOP, AND ONE PIECE NECK. Pretty rare stuff. And no, I won’t sell it.

    Keep in touch, bro.

  7. Nathan….read your posting on the Fertizer blot re. Quantum Physics and prayer etc….did you finish the book?

  8. Nathan…just read your old post on “Fertilzer” re quantum physics and prayer…did you ever finish the book? Last night watched “The Quantum Activist” on Amazon video site…might be of interest…best regards…

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