Guitar Update

Hey, everybody!  Greetings!

I’m sorry I have been neglecting the blog.  Big plans, and not one came to fruition.  Life got in the way, I guess.

Well, I just wrote an email to a friend about my guitars, but a good portion of it makes sense to post here, for those who care.  So here it is:

Shoot, I’ve been up above 30 guitars as recently as 4-5 months ago, and I’m struggling to get DOWN to 16; I think I can end up with between 12 and 14, eventually.  I can’t play that many guitars, but each one has some reason I want to keep it…sometimes rarity, sometimes function, sometimes appearance alone.

My keepers are:
1) Jon Kammerer (JK) gloss walnut solidbody electric w/ blonde flash, H/H
2) JK Maple solidbody electric (blonde) (just arrived, pics soon) S/S/S
3) JK Hollowbody Jazz electric (just arrived, pics soon) H/H
4) JK full body strat style cherry (gets here Wed) H/S/H (blade pickup in neck position)
5) JK cored maple solidbody electric (same shape/configuration as the gloss walnut, but is chambered w/ an F-hole…Jon sold it to me cheap, and I wanted to hear what the chambering does for the tone) H/H
6) Hamer USA 12-string Chaparral: rare, less than about 20 made; got the action and tone of a shredder guitar, but 12 strings! H/S/S
7) Hamer USA Centaura Deluxe: mint, ebony board, EMG pickups, sounds/looks sweet H/S/S
8) Hamer USA Californian: rare maple fingerboard, signed by Ted Nugent H/S
9) Hamer import Stellar 1: only guitar I’ve ever seen with Lacy Oak top; looking at it makes me happy…I sold the first one I had (that got me into Hamers) and regretted it ever since.  Not my best guitar by a longshot, maybe my worst of my keepers, and worse than several I plan to sell, but I always reach for it because it looks so good and balances so well, but that may change with the arrival of the Jon Kammerer guitars. H/H
10) Hamer import XT SATF: really good sound, especially for an import; 3D maple flame and a cheerful amber burst…got it for Christmas from my family; it would be worth keeping for sound/looks alone, but the family present makes it a permanent keeper. H/H
11) Hamer USA Tobacco burst Centaura: rare maple fingerboard, but also awesome tone with the swamp ash body, and the tobacco burst is really, really beautiful…I guess I just have a weakness for two/three-tone transparent over wood-grain paint jobs? H/S/S

Now the struggles.  The following are all good guitars for various reasons…but I can’t keep ’em all, don’t need ’em all, and really need to sell at least $1500 worth to cover the guitars I bought…

12) Peavey Vandenberg: awesome guitar, fairly rare, love the ebony fingerboard, short scale, and a Kahler trem (floyd rose style) that can be locked into a fixed bridge (have I mentioned I don’t like trems that much?)   H/S
13) 1980 Hamer USA Special: beat up, but the biggest problem for selling, and the biggest reason I want to keep it is it has a Kahler Pro tremolo, added aftermarket.  I love those trems because they stay in tune when bending…but aftermarket means it is possible no one would pay me enough to sell it.  H/H
14) Hamer USA set-neck Chaparral: trem is blocked, it is extremely beat up, great neck/action; really good fingerboard scallop, even if amateur.  Great tone.  Ugliness/beat up condition makes it a hard sell, especially since I actually like it and the trem is blocked.  3 mini-switches make it very sonically flexible.  H/S/S
15) Epiphone 935i: slant-edge 27 fret shredder, pretty much a clone of the Hamer USA Californian.  Badly needs a set-up (strings touching the frets) so I haven’t even played it yet.  I hate trems, so I’m scared to try to adjust string height for fear I’ll dull the knife edges of the tremolo and make it more expensive to make playable.  H/S
16) Hamer USA Diablo: nothing special.  H/H
17) Hamer USA Centaura: nothing special.  repaired crack.  H/S/S
18) Ibanez AX220QT: my only guitar with quilted maple top.  Very pretty, but kinda shrill tone.  Some nostalgic value because I played it onstage in Iraq.  H/H
19) Yamaha 120SD: great little guitar w/ flat fingerboard and truly awesome tone.  H/H
20) Cort KX5: interestingly, the best action of any/all my guitars.  strings are micrometers above the frets, no buzzes at all.  But the pickup tones are shrill.  H/H
21) Cort Electric Guitar: crappy little 3/4 size guitar.  But I love it because it has low action, and a unique method of preventing single coil hum: both single coils are always on, but each has its own volume.  But the single coils are cheap, so the tone is crappy.  S/S
22) Spider Web guitar: the only reason I bought it was I got it for $50, including shipping to Iraq!  It’s not a bad guitar…probably worth $100 in action/tone, but they are so common and so cheaply priced I’d probably get $30 or less for it.  H
23) Aria Pro II Knight Warrior: beat up project, although it does actually play.  Came in a package deal with 2 other guitars for a total of $180.  I’ve already sold the other 2 for a total of $200, so anything I get on it is gravy.  H (S/S) missing two pickups and the pickguard.

So I’ll probably sell #16 on down, which would give me about $1500 total.  The Epiphone (#15) is also in play, either to cover any shortfalls to get to the magic $1500 number, or just for extra cash, or maybe to replace the Cort or the Yamaha.

Dunno, the Epiphone 935i *is* rare, so I should keep it for that reason…but it seems like no one cares about its rarity.

Okay, sorry…you didn’t ask for this run-down…I just like talking about all my guitars.


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One response to “Guitar Update

  1. Just found your blog as I was researching the Hamer Chaparral custom- love the blog!
    I’ve run into the custom at the guitar shop where I work and the owner has apparently abandoned it (claim ticket 4/10/2010!). Unfortunately the shop owner is too kind and called the owner to see if he was picking it up…

    Anyway, I’m looking for information about the guitar, namely, how the heck do you work the three three-way toggle switches? I’ve played with the guitar and I just can’t make sense of it. What do they all do? How do I isolate each pickup? Etc??? Any response appreciated-

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