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Guitar Clearance Sale

Great Guitars at a Great Price just became available at at Greater Price.

The economy and lack of social/viral networking has resulted in slow sales.  Jon wants to get rid of his inventory…may shut down production or sell the company.  That would be a shame because his guitars are innovative, unique, and beautiful in both appearance and tone.

The clearance sale main page is here.

After I get home from work I’ll post the actual pictures, but links to the sale pictures (grouped by price) are as follows:



$1000 (1)

$1000 (2)



– The best deal, by far, is the solid body (cherry wood?) in the $500 guitars.  But any guitar for under $1k is a bargain

– I’ve heard the bass guitars are awesome, and he’s only made about 20 total…if you want a rare, quality bass, there are several for just $750 that are well worth the money

– The two walnut guitars (one solid body and one semi-hollow body –Jon calls them “cored”) are from 150-year-old wood; consider them limited-edition aged wood that will never be replicated

– the guitars/basses with the loooooonng sound-holes (starting from a cat’s eye that tapers into a long line) are the patented feedback-buster electric acoustics

– Jon includes a push-pull split of all humbucking/twin-blade pickups

– the bestsellers from guitar shows are the “cored” electrics and the mini-semi-hollow-bodies (MSHB).  The MSHBs are extremely light but very durable (due to a patented parabolic body structure), and apparently have awesome tone

– some guitars may already be sold; putting my money where my mouth is, I’m getting 3 of the guitars: the transparent yellow maple for $500, the reddish cherry wood strat-style (far right, middle row on the $1k (2) page), and one of the MSHB on the same page (if one is still available)


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