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Making Sense of the Chiefs Season

The Chiefs are 7-4.
5-0 at home.
2-4 on the road.

After consecutive losses to AFC West opponents, putting the Chiefs record at 5-4, some said the Chiefs had been exposed.  Teams figured out how to beat the Chiefs.  The run game was no longer dominant.  The defense couldn’t stop the run and couldn’t enough pressure on the pass because opponents had figured Crennel out.

The Chiefs couldn’t beat a good team.
Or the Chiefs couldn’t beat a semi-good team on the road.

Well, things look different now.

We dismantled the Cards…but that was at home, the critics said: the Seahawks will be the real test.
We put 42 points on the ‘hawks on the road.

The Buffalo Bills have taken 3 teams to O/T before losing: the Ravens, the Steelers, and the Chiefs.  That’s pretty good company for the Chiefs.
The Cleveland Browns have gone on to win 4 games, some wins against pretty good teams.
The Chargers have become a good team.

I think there might be a way to understand the season.

Keep in mind, this is just conjecture.

But here’s what I think:

The Chiefs are a good team.  They have won the games they were supposed to win.

It took multiple reasons for the Chiefs to lose each game they lost:
Colts: they played a better team on the road.  Bowe’s dropped TD changed the game from possible win to certain loss
Texans: A close game.  BS DPI call on Flowers.  Cassel’s failure to get the first down to be able to run out the clock.
Raiders: It was an AFC West road game, where anything can happen, no matter what the relative records or team skill/cohesiveness.  Refs helped the Raiders reach OT by stopping the clock and saving them a down. Bad calls abounded.
Denver: It was an AFC West road game, where anything can happen, no matter what the relative records or team skill/cohesiveness. McDaniels spent more his time/effort during the bye preparing to beat the Chiefs instead of trying to have a winning season.  The Broncos illegally video-tape other teams.  McDaniels knows how to game plan against a traditional Patriot-style defense, but no one else.

That doesn’t mean the Chiefs should be undefeated, or even 9-2.  It just means that the Chiefs losses have significant reasons that don’t come into play in every game.  It means the Chiefs can lose these games and still be a good team.

However, coming into this game against the Seahawks, the Chiefs were excellent at home, and below average on the road.  But this win should scare our opponents for the rest of the season: The Chiefs have learned to move the ball and score points on the road, using the passing game.

Of course, it is too soon to say for sure.  A collapse would change the whole narrative.  Anything could happen in AFC West games against the Raiders and Broncos.  They can recover from the pain of a losing season by sweeping the Chiefs.

The Chiefs need to take care of business.  They need to watch how the Colts are keeping the SD Offense out of the end zone through most of the 2nd half (at the time I write this).  They need to come out of SD with a sweep.

The Chiefs need to stick it to Tennessee, and need to ruin the Rams season by handing them a loss.

But if the Chiefs win out at home, they end up 10-6 and will get a home playoff game.  This team is dangerous at home to any team.


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