Guitar Lust: Hamer USA Centaura Deluxe

This is the only guitar I’ve ever completely fallen in love with at sight.
It was posted here by BCR Greg. I had to ask whose it was, I loved it so much. Don’t remember the answer.
Never thought it would come available.

About 9 months later, I was in Iraq. I couldn’t always load up pictures. I had looked at the for sale section of sw696blue, but didn’t really like the guitars I saw. There were a few photos that hadn’t loaded, though.

Then he did a “one last bump”, and when I looked at the post (having forgotten I had already looked at it in the past), I saw my dream guitar.

I had to get it. So I did.

I had my sister hold on to it.

When I got back from Iraq, I had to wait until I found an apartment, got moved in, and got settled in before I had my sister send it to me. Then I had her send it parcel post. Then I went on vacation…it had arrived while I was gone.

And well worth the wait. It plays like butter. And looks like heaven.

It has a nicely black ebony fingerboard (with the coveted Hamer Boomerangs!  …but just two, and side dots), EMG humbucker and 2 single coils, Hamer-licensed Floyd Rose trem that is as stable as a rock, a slender neck that doesn’t get so skinny as to make your hands cramp while chording, and a fairly flat radius up the neck…maybe compound?  But clearly a 10″ radius up in the meedly-meedly range.

It has two special elements that help identify it as a Centaura: it has the mid-range boost switch, and it has the angled input jack built into the guitars’ rim.  That really comes in handy when playing with a strap, it takes the cable at just the right angle so it doesn’t pull out so easy, and you can also lean it against the wall while still plugged in.  But putting it in the edge doesn’t mar/occupy the front space like on a strat.  But you can see that for yourself.

The balance on it is perfect, sitting or standing.

And the tone?  It is so hot and saturated, I would think it had active pickups, but it doesn’t have a battery compartment on the back.  I actually have to turn down the gain when I plug in this guitar, because it is at least twice as hot as any of my other guitars.

Even though I am playing through a tiny Roland Micro-Cube, this guitar clearly has tone like you hear on a guitar hero’s CD.  It immediately made me re-evaluate my whole guitar stable.  With this guitar’s tone as my standard, I can no longer accept the harsh tone of cheap guitar pickups.  I was very prepared to sell off the bulk of my Hamer USA guitars…now I think I’ll thin the herd on the cheaper end, because now I can tell the difference…

Click on the pictures to embiggen.




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3 responses to “Guitar Lust: Hamer USA Centaura Deluxe

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  2. cw

    What color is this guitar? Who owns it now? I am looking to buy the SAME GUITAR!!!!

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