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Plans for the Future

This blog will probably switch to only writing about the Kansas City Chiefs.

I think I might not write about socio-political topics again…or at least not in the near future.


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Great News: Guitar Posts Announcement

I have been accepted as the Electric Guitar Examiner on the collection of webpages.

I will be writing articles daily about guitars at this location.

Please subscribe to the site.  Please link to interesting posts.  Please email your favorite posts to your interested friends, and encourage other people to visit often and subscribe.

I plan to have a set schedule:

Monday: Guitar Lust

Tuesday: Guitar Hero Instrumental YouTube Video

Wednesday: Chord progression

Thursday: Manufacturer highlight

Friday: Cool guitar riff o’ the day

Saturday: Guitar Review

Sunday: Starting from Zero: Guitar Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

This schedule could evolve, and probably will.  But I’ve already got the first few months mapped out.  It will be my view, my knowledge, my taste, my blindspots and favorites.  For instance, there isn’t going to be much love and attention given to Gibson Les Pauls and Les Paul copies, and Fender Stratocaster and copies.  What’s the point?  How much variation is there to a Gibson Les Paul?  The paint color?  The neck carve? There just isn’t much room for creativity or innovation on the traditional guitars…if they innovated, then they wouldn’t be traditional, would they?  So you will see a focus on unique guitars, rare guitars, guitars that have something special about them, guitars that break molds or defy expectations.  There will also be some guitars included just because they are pretty, which is where you may see Gibson and Fender.

But we’ll have to wait and see where this all leads.

Please subscribe.  Please leave feedback.

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