Apocolypse Survival

I was thinking about one scenario…

Not zombies…but maybe it could be modified.

The idea stemmed from seeing a graphic that looked like Yellowstone Park would avoid the fallout of a massive (complete?) Russian nuclear attack.  Impact/fallout patterns and wind patterns combine to leave that area pretty safe.  It also has the advantage of being a mountain basin, so there are a limited number of defensible entry points.  Sure, someone could trek over some mountains and avoid the passes…but anyone who did that would have significant foraging/hunting/survival skills, and would thus probably be an asset to the small community that would hide out from aftermath there.

Now, a Zombie scenario there could be cool…

How does freezing temperature affect Zombies?  How long do Zombies last without nourishment?  Are they really dead and subject to decomposition (and thus lost mobility relatively quickly)?

I could see a pretty interesting story arising from trying to answer those questions.


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  1. I refuse to reveal my secrets…

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