Brainstorming Survival

I like apocolypse, end-of-civilization novels.

When I read these novels, I always enjoy seeing what other people think of that I didn’t.  I feel like I’m learning something.

Please share your ideas of what you would do if there was a collapse of civilization, whether by zombies, nuclear attack, asteroid strike, disease, etc.  You can specify the scenario, but share your clever ideas and/or things you’ve read in other books.

I may end up using your idea in a book, btw, but I can’t promise that I’ll be able to do more than give you credit.

Please pass the link around.  Consider it an internet meme worth tagging.  Just link back to this post so I can follow it on other blogs.




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5 responses to “Brainstorming Survival

  1. Rishi Gajria

    Best hide-out from Zombies. A self contained and self sufficient Supermax like prison.
    Now you have touched on a topic other than guitars that is really close to my heart.

    • chiefmuser

      First you have to clear out the zombies already in the prison, right?

      …and one of the normal rules of Zombies are that you need a quick/easy escape route, because they are persistent and will eventually find a way in.

  2. I’d start by looking after family and close trusted friends first. Find a place in the mountains or way out in the country to hole up in. Strangers would be welcomed on a trial, one-by-one basis and they would need to prove themselves before completely trusted. Forays into towns or cities would be periodically made as necessary for supplies, but would otherwise avoid and try to live off the land. All in all, not much more different than your typical disaster scenario.

    Supermax sounds great on the surface, but the utter depressiveness of the accommodations would probably do me even more harm than zombies, roving gangs, disease, radiation, etc.

  3. Hi,
    after 17 years of studying the subject of the end of civilization,…I recently made a blog about it,…
    I hope that you will have a look,and maybe leave a comment,which I promise to answer.
    thank you

  4. Rishi Gajria

    Another idea – How about a group of survivors escape on a large cruise ship that is self sufficient. It is powered by solar panels, runs on nuclear power, has it’s own greenhouse, water purification etc etc.

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