My Ranking of Pixar Movies, In Order

Great idea that came from here.

1) Monsters, Inc — It’s got great acting, great story, more moments that make you choke up than any other Pixar movie, in my opinion
2) A Bug’s Life — Apparently quite underrated. Perhaps the most quotable of all the films. Very creative in how it retold the Magnificent Seven Samurai story
These two stories stand on their own, and would be the most enjoyable if published in a book. I watch these anytime they are on, and always encourage my kids to watch ’em again when they are hesitating to watch a movie.
3) Toy Story — The best of the rest. Started it all. Perfect cast of characters. No flaws that I can see.
4) The Incredibles — Awesome. Great humor. …just, well, they hit the “If everyone is special no one is” theme just a touch too hard, too heavy-handed. Almost made up for by the babysitter short…but not quite.
5) Toy Story II — Right in line with the first Toy Story, I just felt the Zurg storyline was a touch too sappy. The “I’m your father” could have been a nice tribute to Star Wars if it hadn’t been so overdone.
These are all movies I enjoy seeing again, once in a while.

6) Finding Nemo — Ellen Degeneres was awesome, but Albert Brooks was completely mis-cast. As a father, I found myself irritated with his parenting and his lack of patience with everyone around him. Lousy leader in stress usually = lousy parent, in my opinion,again.

I haven’t yet seen Cars, Ratatouille, Up, or Wall-E. Of those, the only one I really want to see is Up, but the only one I currently plan to skip is Wall-E.
…I’m just not that much into the stories of Cars, Ratatouille and especially not Wall-E. Wall-E strikes me too much as proselytizing. But maybe I’ll see it and change my mind.


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