Non-Bookmatched Guitar Tops

As my interest in Jon Kammerer guitars is at least temporarily shifting from acoustic to electric, I was rating the guitars I wanted, in order.

There are several that are highly figured that I am in lust with:

The Gloss Walnut Cored, the Gloss Cherry (solid) right below it, and the gloss cherry cored, all on this page, are gorgeous even if they aren’t book-matched. I’m not sure book-matching the halves would improve the appearance, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

But the Gloss Walnut Solid on the same page is gorgeous as is. I think book-matching either half of that would make the guitar less attractive. I like that asymmetrical white slash through the middle of the guitar.

It’s kind of the same thing with the Gloss Cherry solid on this page. I probably wouldn’t like it if it didn’t have such nice figuring, but I am really starting to enjoy the asymmetrical nature of both the lightning slash and the variance of the figuring.




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3 responses to “Non-Bookmatched Guitar Tops

  1. Rishi Gajria

    Electric with a fixed bridge would be awesome. You should get an acoustic but it should be nylon strings Flamenco style guitar. The tones on those are so rich they are almost divine sounding.
    Check out this tone –

  2. Rishi Gajria

    or this one

    or this one

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