Depth Chart Changes as of 22 Sep 09

As of 22 September, it has:
– Page back at starting FS…this is the right move
– DJ at #2 LILB…working his way back up, I think the motivation is working
– Gilberry backing up both DE spots…I’m surprised Magee is #3, because he had done so well in the early part of camp…
Savage is now the #2 RB, Charles drops to #3…this is the right move, I think.  Savage looked really good against the Raiders, really made a huge difference in slowing down the pass rush and making it difficult for the Raiders to crash the inside gaps to stop the run
– Wade is now the starting leftside/#2 WR, bumping Bradley down to the 2nd string…Bradley did fine against the Ravens, really, just a few mistakes…but Wade looked like a legitimate #2 WR, and I think we are better with him starting than with Bradley starting
– Lawrence is now the second string “rightside” WR, bumping Copper down to 3rd string…my only question: why did it take so long? Scratch that, another question: why is Copper not cut outrigth yet?
– Brad Cottam drops to 3rd string TE…I thought he did a decent job last year at both pass catching and blocking.  He must really have a stubborn attitude to still be demoted like this; or maybe he is simply incapable of elevating his game?
– Savage is now the KR, Wade is now the PR…no opinion, it just makes sense that Charles can’t be a KR if he is inactive, and he probably will remain inactive as long as Savage is above him on the chart.  In any case, this is a situation where the depth chart lagged behind what happened on the field, as Wade already took all the punts last game.
Interesting point: have you ever seen a depth chart where they bothered to list who was the 4th string punt returner???

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