Missing the ACORN for the Trees

So the Past Tense Media finally got around to covering the ACORN scandal.  As Hugh Hewitt says:

One of the most fascinating aspects of the unfolding ACORN scandal is how mainstream media has covered the daily release of videos, or in most cases, how they’ve completely ignored it, instead bringing you the latest tangent on the week-old Joe Wilson ‘you lie’ story, which has saturated airwaves and newspapers ad nauseum.

After the fourth video release in four consecutive business days, the New York Times has actually run a bona fide story on the ACORN affair.

But “covering” isn’t the same as “investigating.”  This is an interesting story, right?  A young man and young women pretend to be seeking advice on how to carry out clearly illegal and starkly immoral acts to their best benefit, not just how to not get caught.  ACORN workers at 4 different offices on both coasts don’t bat an eyelash, and start giving advice on how to pull it off, and how to make the “business” more effective and profitable.

Isn’t this worth investigating, not just covering?  Wouldn’t it be useful to know how often this sort of event occurs?  Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to know what training the ACORN workers get, what the organization’s policy is regarding the reporting of illegal acts?

At the fourth office, on the fourth released tape, an ACORN worker claims to have shot and killed her ex-husband.

Shockingly, this is where the traditional journalism media decides to investigate.  They quickly determine that at least one ex-husband of the ACORN worker is still alive.

Ignore, for now, that merely finding one ex-husband alive does not rule out the possibility of other husbands shot dead, because that’s just a distraction.

The real point is how journalists are using investigation (or not using, as the case may be) in support of liberal goals and organizations.

This is very similar to when the traditional journalist news media dispatched dozens of investigative journalists to Alaska to search out everything they could about Gov. Sarah Palin, a vice-presidential candidate, but couldn’t be bothered to do any investigation at all into presidential candidate Barack Obama’s connections to a self-avowed terrorist, his college record, his college grades, how he was able to attend a prestigious university, etc, etc.  We knew very little about Barack Obama before he became President, helping him preserve the blank canvas that made him unobjectionable and easy for moderates to vote for, but they cast in the worst light possible every bit of information found about Sarah Palin, lest her popularity buoy John McCain’s presidential campaign.

And it barely worked.

Why would the news media, ostensibly objective, do this?  What else are they not telling us?

Well, here’s a list, and an explanation, from a non-partisan.

Thank goodness that person who voted for President Obama is more honest than the traditional news media.



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6 responses to “Missing the ACORN for the Trees

  1. Well, ACORN has made a statement today that they are halting all new clients until they do an internal investigations of all their employees with the recent videos showing possible wrongful employees.
    Isn’t this the truth, ACORN has a history of turning employees in when the heat is getting close to them. Go, to the web link and see for yourself. ACORN, turns 11 workers in for they believe they are using fraud tactics to get more voter registeration cards filled out that way. Those workers were arrested in Florida and ACORN comes off smelling sweet. And they will do it here too.
    They can’t afford an Independent Investigation ordered by our Government. They will be auiditted by the IRS, Their business records will be in fair play, ect. They will not be able to run without the backing of our government in federal taxpayers money. Nor, should their federal tax number be striped from them. So, of course they are quick to investigate themselves and allow some of the poor workers they have trained to take the fall for them. Demand your Representives and your Senators to order that Independent Investigation of ACORN and the dealing with anyone in this administration who is helping them within their corruption.

  2. Rishi Gajria

    Hugh Hewitt! Sheesh!

    • chiefmuser

      This brings up a good point. You don’t seem to care whether the information is correct or not, you automatically, mindlessly, unthinkingly reject the information simply because it comes through a messenger you don’t like.

      It’s not just you. I’ve noticed pretty much every liberal has that same reaction.

      There is a strong effort by liberals to declare all conservative viewpoints automatically invalid. One way to do that is to increase the roll call of conservative speakers and pundits whom you automatically reject.

      I find the technique dishonest and acting in bad faith.

      Evaluate the message, not the messenger.

      Anything coming from Fox news must be fake news is one of the most common. By extension, anyone who watches Fox news must be an idiot and/or misinformed. Well, Fox news has the highest ratings of any news channel. Liberals truly seem to believe that the opinions and views of approximately 50% of the nation is racist and/or not worth considering.

      I reject that stance.

      Hugh Hewitt is FAR more fair, honest and credible than Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer, Dan Rather, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, et al.

      That’s right: I think any fair-minded person who evaluated everything openly would be forced to conclude that most conservative pundits are more fair, objective, honest and credible than most liberal, so-called journalists (who are opinion influencers, but try to hid their bias under an Emperor’s New Clothes cloak of objectivity).

      The tide is turning against liberal attempts to stifle free speech and debate, against “political correctness”. Van Jones resignation and ACORNs implosion are news, even though the left-leaning media tried to bury the story.

      People are starting to notice the main-stream media’s double standard of treatment towards Democrats and Republicans.

      Common people who aren’t political junkies are starting to notice the propaganda techniques of the overwhelmingly-Democrat voting/supporting news media.

      Liberals are going to lose the power to control the debate. And with it, they are going to lose the power to win elections.

      This country is preparing for a significant rightward shift.
      If you were paying attention, you already saw it in the attitudes towards gun rights and abortion. The rest is following quickly.

    • Rishi Gajria

      Wow! I was merely expressing my distaste for Hugh Hewitt. I was not arguing the points about ACORN. But it is an interesting rant. You should re-edit it and use it for a blog post.

  3. FOX NEWS is right on the right track of changing America back to the country we all knew and love with out the corruption we have today.
    But please, forget about FOX right now…I found something by mistake today and I will share it with you. It is about Corruption:: ACORN, SEIU, and the Democratic Party .
    You have to go to this web link, that I have posted here, and when it comes up start printing this page of the Senator’s and Represenatives who voted to support ACORN. To my surprise ….I got 62 pages of very interesting stuff. You can’t read this stuff on line for some reason………But, I will promise anyone who wants to go there and start printing …..it is very very interesting.


  4. I made a mistake in my last comment here. Just scroll down to read that 62 pages. Sorry!!!

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