I Think Thigpen Might Get Traded

Delhomme may be washed up.

They just put their #2 QB and signed A.J. Feely.

Feeley’s career stats:

Comp  Att    Pct   Yds 	  Avg  	 TD    Int    Sck    SckY  Rate  Rush Att  Yds  	Avg  	TD  	FUM  	Lost
372    665  55.9  4,070   6.1    27    29     34     204    69.6   34      45      1.3     1     14     7
best year:
86      154  55.8 1,011  6.6     6     5       7      48    75.4   12      6       0.5     0      2      1
(3rd string) Moore's career stats:
69      122  56.6  793   6.5     3     6       7      50     64.0   3      5       1.7     0      2       0

Thigpen's career stats:
232     426 54.5  2,649  6.2     18   13      27      171   74.7   63    388       6.2     3      6      2

Delhomme may turn it back around. If he doesn’t, Thigpen is clearly better than any of the Panther’s current roster. Thigpen’s abilities are clearly better, and those superior numbers also include the 3 games Thigpen played and struggled before they put in more shotgun formations.

With the Panther’s defense, they could protect the leads Thigpen tends to get in the first half. We have a really good QB roster right now, now that Croyle has proven he can stay on the field this year. Thigpen may be the 3rd best choice for our current system with Thigpen’s current state of transition to pocket passer and Haley’s standards of performance, but he wouldn’t the 3rd best choice for many other NFL teams.

I’d say a 4th from the Panthers would seal the deal, unless Pioli thinks he can get a 3rd. What other QBs are out there right now that are better than Feeley? None. And Thigpen is clearly better than Feeley.

1 more bad game from Delhomme, and the Panthers offer a 4th. 2 more bad games from Delhomme, and they offer a 3rd.

So what if the Panthers decide Thigpen’s shotgun abilities don’t fit their drop-back passing style, and Thigpen can’t make the transition in time to be worth it?

Well, there are plenty of other teams with starting or backup QB problems…

I expect the Chiefs will end up with just 3 QBs within the next 10 days.  I expect Thigpen will go for a low 3rd or high 4th.  If the Chiefs don’t get that high of an offer, I expect them to cut Gutierrez (who is still too raw to help a team yet) and get him to the practice squad.


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