Guitar Stable

I don’t know if I posted pictures of all my guitars yet.

I know I never gave a final update on all my guitars before I left for Iraq, so I might as well do that now.  Some of the pictures will be repeats, of course, but at least I will have them all in one place.

Later I’ll try and give a run-down on my feelings/impressions of all these guitars, but for now it will just be pictures. When possible, I gave full-frontal nudity. One good thing about this exercise is realizing I don’t have the full-body shots on some guitars, and that I don’t have any pictures of the black&white speckle Centaura or black Peavey Vandenberg at all! The pictures aren’t in any special order, other than the premium USA guitars are first, followed by the import guitars.

’88 modified (scalloped fingerboard) Hamer USA Chaparral, cream (beater)

’90 Hamer USA Centaura, tobacco burst

’93 Hamer USA Diablo, transparent cherry
diablo 1993 entire guitar

’80 modified (+Kahler pro trem) Hamer USA Special, barely-transparent cherry over maple flame

’92 Hamer USA Centaura, white/black granite/speckle
(No picture)

’90 Hamer USA Centaura, yellow/black granite/speckle, repaired split in headstock
centaura 1990 year

’91 Peavey Vandenberg, red, w/ Peavey licensed Floyd Rose trem, stock
vandy entire

’89 Peavey Vandenberg, black, w/ Kahler 2710 Trem and George Lynch Screamin’ Demon HB
(No picture)

Hamer Slammer Series Californian, transparent cherry

Hamer XT SATF, amber burst

Hamer (Korean) Calfornian Deluxe, black w/ boomers
import cali 3

Hamer CX Californian, opaque red
CX cali import entire body

Man, I miss my guitars!!!



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2 responses to “Guitar Stable

  1. Rishi Gajria

    Great post. Thanks. Are you near an urban area in Iraq or in a rural area? You could get an acoustic guitar there if its urban.

    • chiefmuser

      I’ve got an electric. A Ministar Rokstar. It’s quite good, even without having made any adjustments to its action.
      I will post on it later…I just haven’t had any time to play!

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