My Observation; Your Mileage May Vary

This is going to piss off some people, but I gotta tell you what I see.

Watching all the hullaballoo about the Tea Party protests, the reaction of Democrat politicians to the protesters at the Town Hall meetings, their accusations of Nazi-ism and astro-turfing, the following Democrat effort to deliberately organize counter-protests with Union and hired individuals to shout down the anti-Big Government protesters, the constantly changing justifications for Obama Care, and all the related arguing and debate on all sorts of various blogs (both when liberals are in the majority, and when liberals are in the minority trying to argue back), I am forced to conclude:

Democrats and/or liberals are very, very good at using manipulative techniques for arguing for their goals…but very, very bad at using logic, evidence, and reason to support them.

There is a reason for that, I think, and I will share it tomorrow.


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