Health Care Reform

I gotta tell you, this is the way we need to go.

This is very simple.  The government doesn’t create anything.  The government takes a portion of everything the whole country produces.  It can use that money to obtain health care for people, but all normal incentives for acceptable cost determination on the basis of supply and demand are obliterated.

But if health care is a business, then every transaction helps create wealth and reduce waste.

Insurance is a half-step towards government control, which is all about waste and disconnecting true cost-benefit analysis from political cost-benefit analysis.

When I say “true” cost-benefit analysis, I mean that everyone has, or should retain, the right to determine costs vs benefits for themselves.

We don’t have a health care crisis.  We have a bureaucratic crisis.  In the example I linked above, individuals are able to decide for themselves what monetary and non-monetary costs they wish to accept.  And since these costs are all for routine care that everyone needs to have regularly, it makes sense to budget it, rather than trying to get it covered by “insurance.”  Adding insurance to the equation for routine maintenance just adds costs and complexity.

The “insurance” companies are a privatized form of bureaucracy, right?  People who have never met you nor understand your needs are making decisions about what care you are entitled to based on incomprehensible regulations and cost-benefit analysis.  Democrats rightly decry this as a problem (although not a crisis).  But since this is a bureaucratic problem, why would we want to solve the problem by increasing the bureaucracy?

Answer: we don’t.

The answer, linked above, is that insurance should be returned to its original function: providing security for catastrophic events.

Democrats (or anyone arguing for universal, single-payer, or socialist health care) hate the fact that:

a) people can make money off of taking care of people, and

b) rich people can purchase longer lives and/or better health than poor people

These people miss the point.  People make money when they create something of value that people want.  It is a free exchange of goods for money.  There is nothing wrong with it, and increased competition and decreased bureaucracy/regulation will result in reduced prices and increased quality.  Moreover, while rich people can purchase longer lives/better health, by doing so they make medical breakthroughs possible and bring about reduced costs. Heck, a good portion of the time the rich are acting as guinea pigs to find out what works so poor people can use those same techniques and drugs safely and cheaply after they mature!  Win-win!

The bottom line is that anyone who turns to bureaucracy as a solution doesn’t understand the problem in the first place.


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One response to “Health Care Reform

  1. Rishi Gajria

    Medicare for all. Simple solution.

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