Concerns About Health Care Reform

One of the things that concerns me most is how health care is being advocated by Democratic Party spokespeople.

If you criticize broad points, they say, “That won’t be in the plan.”  If you find evidence it is, and criticize specific points, they say, “Well, there are 4-5 different versions!  You can’t be criticizing the final one yet because it isn’t done!  Just pipe down and wait until we have a final version!”  (The problem with that idea is that you never have a final version until both Senate and House have each passed their own version, right?).

Early on, in response to criticism, President Obama said he wasn’t sure what was in the bill yet.  Sheesh!  If you don’t know what’s in there, why was it so important to pass before the August recess?  It seems clear that claiming to not know the specifics is nothing more than a dodge.  Or, more accurately, he doesn’t care about the details, because he knows that one his Health Care Reform is passed, it can be tweaked into the socialist dystopian dream he wants, and it will be nearly impossible to turn back to the excellent capitalist-influenced system we have now.

When you criticize something President Obama has personally said is a goal of his with Health Care Reform (single payer), his spokespeople just turn around and use something else he said (“I’m not seeking Single Payer right now”) as supposed proof the first statement isn’t correct.  It doesn’t actually prove anything, right?  All it proves is that he changes his message according to political expediency.  There should be at least some demonstration that he’s considered it and went through some process, some argument or event that caused him to change his mind, so he has a firmer grip on his most recent statement than his earlier one.  Right?

Except that I’m frustrated with the complete dishonesty of it all.

Here’s a good example.  It was once called Health Care Reform.  Now he’s calling it Health Insurance Reform, and the Insurance companies are the villains.  Unless greedy doctors who perform unnecessary amputations are the real villains.  It’s hard to keep track, sometimes.

Originally, the idea was that Health Care Reform would save the economy.  Well, President Obama blamed President Bush for the bad economy last week, even though back in February he agreed he now “owned” the economy and all further developments.  So now that the Obama administration says that the economy is improving, why do we still need to enact Health Care Reform?  So then at some point it became about expanding coverage.  Until it became clear that there wasn’t a great demand to extend coverage to illegal aliens, and then President Obama begain claiming the whole point was to reduce costs and improve care.

So I’m left with the impression that President Obama will say something, and if it doesn’t convince anyone, he’ll say the next thing that comes to mind, and if that doesn’t work, the next thing…then the next thing, etc, and so on.  The more he talks, the more tacks he takes, the more I’m convinced that none of them are the truth.  Health Care Reform doesn’t sell, so it becomes Health Insurance Reform.  And it will keep getting new names until enough gullible/stupid people fall for it.  So if we insist on hearing what President Obama’s personal struggle was that resulted in him rejecting single payer coverage, I’m sure we’ll hear it.  And it will have no more validity or truthfulness than anything else he’s said.

I can only hope that the anger we are seeing in the Town Halls is indicative of a populace that finally understands how it is being lied to by the Democratic Party, in cahoots with the mainstream news media, to be sold a left-to-far-left platform that was never honestly campaigned for.


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