Quick Note

I’m in Iraq. I’ve got about 3 weeks down…49 weeks to go!

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been really busy in preparing to leave, and then going through training, then getting my butt over here, then adjusting to the time difference and getting settled at work.

Then 3 days ago I got sick.


Anyway, here are 2 quick posts, 1 of them political.



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2 responses to “Quick Note

  1. Mr Lady

    I refuse to read the post because, you know, I’m a socialist commie and all, but I’m wishing you luck, Mister. And by luck, of course, I mean “coming home with all of your appendages in the proper place.”

    PS: This socialist commie thanks you for your service. Even if she wishes you didn’t have to do it.

    • Rishi Gajria

      Mr Lady, You are a cute socialist commie. That makes it all good.
      And do not worry about Red State Chief. He loves George Bush Jr. so he is quite happy to fight an unnecessary war and illegal occupation of a foreign country.

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