Observation: Democrats and the Post-Partisan President

I’m an analyst. I put things together, connect dots. I try to find the thread of logic from people’s actions and unguarded words.

Here’s what I think is happening with President Obama in general, and his health-care plan in specific.

He said he wanted to be the post-partisan President. That was generally understood to mean that he planned to be a uniter, not a divider. It hasn’t worked out that.

Was he lying?

I don’t think so, actually. The clue is when he rammed through some earlier legislation that contradicted his campaign rhetoric and did so without even trying to get Republicans on board (I can’t remember which one that was, specifically), and Republicans howled, he replied, “We/I won.”

So here’s what’s going on. Democrats hated President Bush. They relentlessly attacked everything he did. No Child Left Behind and the prescription plan for seniors were wonderful Democrat Party programs, but they still lambasted him for it. The press helped out, concealing positive news about President Bush and his programs, and highlighting Democratic Party talking points over and over and over.
Eventually, President Bush’s popularity ratings dropped. Some of it was people being convinced that President Bush sucked. Some of it was people just believing that President Bush had lost his way from the courageous, generally semi-conservative President he had been in his first term.
When Democrats campaigned from a Center-to-Center-Right position for Congress, and won control…and then campaigned for from a Center-to-Center-Right position for the Presidency, and won, Democrats assumed this was a repudiation of everything President Bush did/said/stood for, including all Republican platforms, all Republican leaders, etc.
Heck, I don’t think I even need to cite a “Maybe the GOP is dead!” articles written by all sorts of Democrats after the election in Nov 2008.
So President Obama and the Democrats really intended to be post-partisan, only to the extent that they expected the GOP to be a non-issue from now on. They saw the election as a confirmation to govern any way they saw fit.
What they didn’t realize is that the United States really is a center-to-center-right country. They don’t really appreciate deliberate lying in campaign promises. They elected President Obama because they are generally tired of being beat up as racists all the time.
Lots of people don’t delve deep into the news, sure. You can fool some of the people some of the time.

But people are starting to notice how President Obama is betraying every single centrist argument he made.
They notice how he “took ownership” of the economy back in February, yet in August is still blaming President Bush. Some are starting to notice they elected Democrats who criticized President Bush’s deficit but are contributing to tripling that debt.
Maybe it’s only a few who compare and contrast President Bush’s reaction to the 2001 recession and President Obama’s reaction to the 2009 recession, and see that President Obama provides only excuses and increasingly more evidence that neither he nor his team of advisors really understand the economy at all (they jumped on last month’s employment numbers and the slowdown of economic losses to say the economy is improving…what can they say now that foreclosures are up 7% and job losses have surprisingly increased again, and spending has surprisingly dropped? “Oops, well, THIS time you can trust me” won’t cut it.

Democrats noted their popularity losses earlier and claimed that it didn’t necessarily mean that the GOP was gaining. They failed to realize that the previous GOP popularity losses didn’t mean that support for their platforms was increasing, either.

So now we have a war, started by congressional Democrats and members of the Obama administration, in which the press dutifully broadcasts Potemkin town hall meetings in which all attendees are so carefully vetted that President Obama can randomly ask a question and know it will be a softball.

I said a while back, before things got this grim, that I was happy that President Obama was elected, because he was going to do more to prove the general correctness of conservativism than anything Republicans could do, and he would also help highlight the moral bankruptcy of the national media.

That is occurring.

I do believe we are in for some pain before we pull out of this nose-dive. It will start with a changeover in Congress.

But we will pull out of the economic nosedive, using conservative economic principles, not Democratic/socialist.


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