We had to pack/store everything ourselves.

We started packing on the afternoon of Jul 3rd (because the moving company cancelled out on us).

I started putting everything on the truck on the morning of 7 July at around 8 am.  By 8pm, I had loaded 7,700 pounds on the truck.  One co-worker came to help for about an hour, helping me load 4 couches, washer, dryer, and my arcade game.

On 8 July, I started to unload the truck into a storage site at around 3pm.  I finished by 8pm.  Again, one co-worker came to help for about an hour.

That means I personally lifted, moved, and stacked at least 12 thousand pounds in 2 days.  I moved 6 tons of stuff without help (and another 1.5 tons with the help of my co-worker).

It was the worst week of my life, I think.  I was worried about getting everything done all week, and nothing went smoothly.

On the other hand, I really learned without any doubt that one should never lose heart.  No matter how difficult it seems, no matter how tired you are, no matter how much trouble everything is, if you just persist and continue to use both your brains and your effort, you will make it through any trial.

…perhaps not with the results you prefer, but you will make it through.


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