I’m in the midst of preparations to deploy for a full year.  I’m packing up all my gear, and getting ready to put all my household goods in storage for the duration.

We’re going to rent out the house.

So over the last 2 weeks, I’ve stained and replaced 5 doors, changed two outlets to GCFI (shock protection) outlets, changed a few light switch wall plates, painted 3 walls, repaired two leaky faucet handles, fixed the dish washer drain house so dirty water doesn’t drain into the dish washer, made one screen, replaced the screen material on another, sealed up the seams on peeling wallpaper, fixed a sagging gate, added mini-blinds to a steel door, replaced another set of miniblinds, and laid flagstones.


Blogging will continue to be light for another few weeks.



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2 responses to “Transition

  1. Rishi Gajria

    Sounds like a ton of work. Hope things are well and the deployment goes smooth.

  2. Hey, did you get my emails?

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