Michael Jackson’s Only Good Musical Work Was With the Jackson 5

I absolutely agree with this.

I grew up on Jackson 5.  It was my first favorite group.  My older brothers/sisters had 3 albums, and I listened to them ALL the time (along with the Osmond Brothers “Crazy Horses,” btw).

I would come home from kindergarten, wedge markers in seat cushions to be “microphones,” put “Skywriter” on the record player, and dance around like I was Michael Jackson.

I loved that stuff.

I’m a good musician, and an excellent performer.  If I had had the guts to go to LA for a music career instead of going to college, I might have made it…or I might have toiled in obscurity, of course.  But everything I learned about performing, I learned from the Jackson 5 and the pre-op version of Michael Jackson.

Side note:

Michael Jackson’s appearance in the last few years lends credence to Carpenter’s “They Live.”




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