President Obama Unveils New Vision for His Administration

Obama Revises Campaign Promise Of ‘Change’ To ‘Relatively Minor Readjustments In Certain Favorable Policy Areas’

WASHINGTON—In a slight shift from his campaign trail promise, President Obama announced Monday that his administration’s message of “Change” has been modified to the somewhat more restrained slogan “Relatively Minor Readjustments in Certain Favorable Policy Areas.” “Today, Americans face a great many challenges, and I hear your desperate calls for barely measurable and largely symbolic improvements in the status quo,” said Obama, who vowed never to waver in his fight for every last infinitesimal nudge forward on the controversial issues of torture and the military ban on homosexuals. “Remember: Yes we can, if by that you mean tiptoeing around potentially unpopular decisions that could alienate a large segment of the populace.” Washington insiders said that, while the new mottos are certainly in keeping with Obama’s pledge of government transparency, they are significantly less catchy.

From The Onion.



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4 responses to “President Obama Unveils New Vision for His Administration

  1. gotta love the Onion for getting to the heart of the matter

  2. Rishi Gajria

    Been really busy? No new blog posts?

    • chiefmuser

      Yeah, sort of.
      I know most people are tired of my posting criticisms of President Obama, and I haven’t played guitar lately to make any guitar posts…

  3. Rishi Gajria

    “and I haven’t played guitar lately to make any guitar posts…”

    Then tap the memory bank my friend. Posting a graph about unemployment and writing 2 sentences about it is not a blog post. Just Ranting.
    And I am a little surprised that as a soldier who is going to be posted abroad soon, you did not write about the speech in Cairo but instead focused on unemployment. I thought that was the hot topic of the hour.
    Why don’t you write a little about cars. I noticed that is another one of your interests.

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