New Guitar Day: 1990 Hamer USA Centaura

Beautiful, beautiful guitar!  Great action.  A little bit of cigarette smoke smell, though. 😦

But all in all, it was a steal for $350 shipped!

(all pictures are thumbnails that can be clicked on to see a bigger picture)



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5 responses to “New Guitar Day: 1990 Hamer USA Centaura

  1. rgajria

    Looks like a Superstrat. If everything is in good working order. Then 350 is a steal. Did it come with a case?

    • chiefmuser

      No case.
      Yeah, it is a superstrat.
      I’ve found myself wanting superstrats more and more, even though I’m not really good at the style of playing that makes use of those kind of features. I don’t usually use the trem, I do lots of bend-holds (which don’t work on trem’d guitars, the held note flattens when you bend the other string up), and I can’t really play all that fast.
      But I like the look.
      Plus, I usually do like the humbucker in the bridge position.
      But I like being able to switch to a good blues sound (2/4 position of the 5-way blade) with a flick of the switch.
      And if I am going to use the trem, I want something that will stay in tune, and I can’t get non-locking guitars to stay in tune. Especially strat-style trems.

      So superstrats (shredders) it is for me.

  2. rgajria

    The above reply barring the first 7 words of the intro should be a regular blog post.
    I interviewed for a position at a used musical instruments store. Hopefully I get the position. Saw all the guitars they had there on display. A few big name brands but mostly brands I had never heard of.
    When I think superstrat, I think Eddie Van Halen. The most underrated rhythm guitar player.
    My first and only electric was a superstrat Washburn with a Floyd Rose. But I have sworn off getting a guitar with a Floyd. I want a guitar with a fixed bridge. The washburn went out of tune a lot if you employed the Floyd. It was a budget model for about 400 American dollars but I think they are unnecessary if you can do finger vibrato like John Sykes or Zakk Wylde.

    • chiefmuser

      There are times you just need a tremolo.
      Try playing Heart’s “Barracuda” without a trem. You can’t do it.
      But don’t give up trem’s just because the one you had won’t stay in tune.

      Take a close look at the trem on this most recent guitar. Can you see how thick the plate is?
      Over time, I’ve learned that original Floyd Rose, original Kahler, and original Schaller trems actually do stay in tune very well, even with fairly heavy trem use.

      In my experience, too, even the import Hamers have trems that stay in tune.

      But nearly every other guitar for under $1k? Forget about it. The licensed Floyd Rose trems won’t stay in tune at all. Thinner baseplates mean there isn’t as much weight to pull it back into line with the knife edge. And thinner/cheaper metal means the knife edge dulls quickly, which means there is no way it can stay in tune.

      So if you buy a used USA Hamer, or even most import Hamers with trems, you are likely getting a guitar with a trem that will stay in tune.

      If you have a Schaller, Kahler, or original Floyd Rose trem that isn’t staying in tune, it might need the knife edge sharpened.

      I would highly recommend you pick up a cheap Hamer Slammer Series import superstrat and check it out.

  3. rgajria

    Super Strat comparison between three guitars.


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