Obama’s Broken Promises, A List of Links

There are several broken promises covered more than once.  I didn’t cull those out because: 1) I don’t have time, and 2) Sometimes a different perspective on the same broken promise is useful.  Bottom line: if you believed President Barack Obama’s statements, you are a sucker.  Or, perhaps to be more accurate, you thought he was lying but didn’t care, because you approve of your favored politician lying just to fool the rubes/idiots so he can get elected and wield power (as in the case of those who support/seek gay marriage castigating Carrie Prejean for her statements on gay marriage, but ignoring President Obama when he says the same thing because they assume he must be lying about that).  Neither one reflects well on the individual.

Yes, many (if not all) of the websites are conservative.  So what?  Anyone capable of basic critical thinking should be able to look past the source and evaluate the claim on its own merits.  The reason this list is pretty much only right wing publications is because the press is still covering for President Obama and won’t call him to task for blatant lies (after sometimes distorting President Bush’s statements in order to blame him for lying).  But I assure you, conservatives are very good at documenting their complaints, so in almost all the articles linked below, you will find links to President Obama’s statements combined with links to his actions/statements that break his promises.  You will find links to news articles that show supposedly objective news outlets giving President Obama a free pass they would never extend a Republican.

Read critically.  Think.



















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  1. Interesting stuff–I am sure their will be many more.

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