TMZ/Hot Air Punked by LeBron James

Check it out.

The first time I watched it, I thought: “It is taking too long for them to follow the shot.”

So I watched it again.  The 2nd time, I noticed that a ball is bouncing back towards LeBron just as the “shot” goes in.  And the ballboy is dropping his arm down from a follow-through.  The height of the basketball bouncing back to LeBron makes it likely it bounced off the back of the backstop, but isn’t right to be a pass from the ball-boy.

But the timing is perfect for LeBron to have “shot” the ball so it hits the back of the backboard…the time that the camera waits to follow the shot is just enough to hide what happens to LeBron’s basketball…then the assistant shoots the ball through the hoop just before the camera whips around.

The timing all works.

Think about it.

Update: Welcome, Hot Air readers!  Please take a look around while you’re here.  I’m strongly conservative, and like writing about guitars, as well.  In fact, the blog itself is rather eclectic.  Bookmark me now!


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