New Guitar Day!

Not the one in the previous post…

To tell the truth, I think I forgot to post about it here.

Well, here’s a link to the Hamer Fan Club post about it.

I had to delay delivery because I was on the TDY (military business trip).

It just arrived today.

1) Smaller, somehow, than I expected.
2) But far, far heavier than I expected. Maybe the heaviest guitar I’ve owned to date.
3) Suh-weet! Flamed maple top! It isn’t very visible, but maybe a polish will help it stand out? Very nice flames under transparent cherry
4) Man, the edge of the top has the hell beat out of it
5) Sender didn’t detune the strings. **#$&!!*@*%#^@
6) Plugged in and works
7) Something funky in the middle position, though.
8) Sweet neck position sound
9) Kahler trem works great. Doesn’t *quite* return to proper tune, though…can that be tweaked?
10) Killer action. Better than my ’95 Studio. And it’s not just the string distance from the frets, either
11) Now I know what people mean by a “chunky” neck
12) The trem works fine for “Barracuda”, though. And, honestly, what else do you *really* need?
13) It’s a fun guitar to play
14) The timbre of the guitar rawked, even though I never cranked up gain or volume. Some good semi-distorted sounds in the neck position, which I usually don’t use.
15) Serial number is 0 1811 That’s got to be one of the first Specials sold, isn’t it? There is only 1 Special in the serial database with a smaller serial number, currently (0 1630). I don’t mind if I’m begin ignorant again, though.

Conclusion: I’m quite satisfied.
Pictures tomorrow. It is just too dark in the house to take any photos today.


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