Quote of the Day

Like most bullies, the Obamabots seem unable to realize that their conduct may have long-term consequences.

From Professor Bainbridge, talking about how Obama’s administration is screwing up the car industry.

But I have to tell you, this really strikes me as a quote that applies to pretty much all Democrats.

They don’t care that single-payer health care has been a disaster everywhere it’s been tried.  Canada’s system barely works, but because they still have the benefit of a capitalized, free market health care system just across the border in the US.  Oh, and their drug prescription benefit comes at our expense, too.  If we go to the same socialized medicine, their system collapses, and meds will be far more expensive for EVERYONE.

Democrats don’t care if welfare destroys more lives than it saves.

Democrats don’t care if defenseless people are killed because criminals with guns run wild.

Democrats don’t care if our descendents are poor and live at a lower standard of living, just as long as they can raise taxes and rack up debt to get more people dependent on the government instead of on themselves.

Demcrats don’t even seem to care about the US Constitution, if they can pack the Supreme Court with proportional minority representatives “sensitive to certain populations.”

It seems like to Democrats, the effort is all that matters.  To say they have “done something” to get votes so they can do ever more “somethings.”  And when their plans inevitably fail, they find some way to blame Republicans, or rich people, or whites, or males, or “inauthentic” blacks or gays, etc.

I want grown-ups in charge again, please.


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