A Point of Order

Mark Steyn says:

Meanwhile, over in the other tent, they celebrate diversity with ruthless singlemindedness: In the Democrats parade, whatever your bugbear, government is the answer. Government is the means, government is the end, government is the whole magilla. That gives them a unity of purpose the GOP can never match.

Actually, I’ve got to disagree.  Democrats do not believe that government is the answer.  They say that’s what they believe, but look what they did with the economic crisis: they “stimulated” all sorts of things that had nothing to do with the economy.  And while some of them expanded the government, many did not.  Rather, they expanded Democrats’ power.  Much of what they did was rewarding the people who contributed to Democratic Party candidate’s campaign funds.

So, in the end, Democrats aren’t really interested in answers.  I’m beginning to think one of the things that unites Democrats is that they don’t really think other people are real, or care about them (although they are good at claiming they do: it helps them get power, you see).  Democrats’ unity of purpose is one thing: giving more power to Democrats and Democrat Party leaders.


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