News Outlets Concealing News?

You can often figure out what the real news is by paying attention to what details are left out.

For instance, liberal-leaning US news orgnizations (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AP, MSNBC, etc) tend to minimize party affiliation only when Democrats are in trouble, so if a politician is mentioned, and their party afiliation isn’t, 99% of the time it is a Democrat.  In a world in which journalists do their job of seeking out information, that wouldn’t happen.

What is missing from all these reports, then?

Any hint of the driver’s age, nationality, or intent in ramming the parade.

According to most of the accounts, it was like the car/driver was a force of nature.

It wouldn’t take much investigation to find out a little bit more about the man, but there is virtually nothing.  The most that any outlet says (that I found) is that there are some indications that the man intended to hurt people.

Clearly they are attempting to conceal information according to their worldview.

Their worldview is that all cultural values are equal, but minorities come from places with backward cultures, and backward cultures (like minorities) need more protection.  But those that don’t see things that way are racists. Thus, to prevent racism, they conceal the race/ethnicity of the individual who committed the crime.

So my guess is he’s a Muslim.  News organizations tend to find all sorts of euphemisms or other methods to conceal that.


Dunno.  Maybe because it would make it harder for them to paint former President George W. Bush as irresponsible and a bad President.


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One response to “News Outlets Concealing News?

  1. Rishi Gajria

    “President George W. Bush as irresponsible and a bad President”

    And you are of the opinion that he wasn’t.

    Btw, the link you provide is a dead end.
    Also, the driver was a local and not a Muslim –

    “He was named as Karst Tates, an unemployed security guard from Huissen, a village near Arnhem in the east of the Netherlands.”

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