I’m Starting to be Happy President Obama Won the Election

No, really.

And that’s not sarcasm.

Look, no matter what President Bush did, the Democrats had an excuse.  They would have done it faster.  Or better.  Or less partisanly.  Or maintained the “respect of the world” while doing it.  Why didn’t they do any of these things when Bill Clinton was in power?  Because of Newt Gingrich, of course.  And because too many white males or (ew!) Christians are too prudish about sex.

The logic doesn’t really make sense, but it doesn’t have to.

The fact is, they have scored lots of points by never giving President Bush or President Reagan any credit at all for their accomplishments.

Well, now they are in charge.  And despite all the “Hope and Change”, President Obama is doing pretty much the same thing as President Bush on all the things Democrats hate (i.e., pursuing war, Guantanamo Bay incarceration, etc), and President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress is very clearly doing worse at running the country effectively as they do all the things Democrats love (i.e., expanding government control over the economy, raising taxes, undemocratically enacting Democrat “social justice” policy by fiat, etc).

That’s why we have the Tea Parties.  And that’s why Democrats cannot handle the reality of true, grassroots Tea Parties.  It exposes the lie that they would have done things better.

Democrats are really showing that they are political adolescents.  They just know they’d do better than the stupid, square, unenlightened adults if just given the chance!   Well, now they have the chance, and they are proving how inept they are.

This one administration will set back Democrat liberalism/progressiveism for a good 2-3 decades.

Remember how the 20s were wild, wild, wild?  Well, it was followed by 3.5 decades of Conservatism and having grown-ups in charge of the country and society (for the most part…).

Get ready for it to happen again.



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16 responses to “I’m Starting to be Happy President Obama Won the Election

  1. ckeefe

    Christians are too prudish about sex. “are you pejudice against christians? I am a Christian, AND I AM VERY…PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    It exposes the lie that they would have done things better. “It’s not a lie, its time to face reality Mr. Chiefmuser!” So….you think its nice to take money from good average people?

    Everything I’ve read by you in this arcticale I highly disagree with. But you got me pissed when you dissed Christians!

    • chiefmuser

      I think you missed the point.
      I was merely echoing the excuses I hear from Democrats.

      I am not happy with what President Obama is doing, but I’m happy that exposes Democrats as being unfit for serious leadership.

  2. Rishi Gajria

    Here’s a contrarian view for your reading pleasure since you have on a political bender for the most part.


    Christians are most certainly prudish about sex. As are most religions in one way or the other.

  3. As a catholic, I take “prudish” to mean “respectful of.”

    The secular world can’t understand traditional christianity’s respect of sex and modesty, and therefore enjoys mocking it, calling it prudish.

    Rather open minded of them, don’t you think?

    With regards to the original topic, I do secretly hope that Obama sits there at night and says “Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?” but that’s highly unlikely given the shameless actions the administration and congress are taking. They appear not to have any sense of shame or integrity. Listening to a Barney Frank for more than three seconds causes rage.

    Could this be a Carter administration, so awful that it wakes people up for a good twenty years? I’m praying that it is, but I live in a land of Subarus and their associated thought pieces slapped on the bumper, and among those that either think that they’re finally getting what they’ve needed (aid), or that the bad guys are finally getting what they deserve (taxed), or that the correct priorities are finally being addressed (“Happy F’ing Earth Day” is rammed down my throat). Therefore my cynicism that this will be a one term president.

    Speaking of Earth Day and environmentalism… does anyone recognize what a bullshit religion substitute it is?

  4. Rishi Gajria

    “The secular world can’t understand traditional Christianity’s respect of sex and modesty, and therefore enjoys mocking it, calling it prudish.”
    Respect and squeamishness are two entirely different things. And yes, Catholicism is prudish to an extreme degree. If that mocks your faith, sorry.

    “Rather open minded of them, don’t you think?”
    An appreciation of Open mindedness from people of faith. Seriously, you write that in jest.

  5. “If that mocks your faith, sorry. ”

    So what you’re saying is that you don’t understand how catholics can see and deal with sexuality the way they do, and are therefore prudish and squeamish?

    Sounds like you just proved my point. 🙂

    Is Open Mindedness merely accepting every diversity, or is Open Mindedness considering, contemplating, and making the decisions of ones mores and life?

    Contrarily, is Closed Mindedness simply rejecting diversities without consideration, or is Closed Mindedness being unable to accept that someone has a differing opinion and silencing them (of which behaviors much has been recorded on this blog of late)?

    Seeking a common ground with you, Rishi, I submit that the secular (at least the western culture’s) world’s treatment of sexuality is not for me, but I don’t think it makes me squeamish or prudish about sex. My wife and I have been married over 15 years and have 5 children, with number 6 on the way. Sex is a wonderful thing. And so are our children.

    Mock my faith, that’s fine, it happens all the time, especially by those that share it. Sticks and stones, you know?

    Further to Open Mindedness, why should not people of faith be capable of it? I suppose it depends on your definition from the above.

  6. Rishi Gajria

    “So what you’re saying is that you don’t understand how catholics can see and deal with sexuality the way they do, and are therefore prudish and squeamish?”

    I was speaking more of doctrine and message than of Catholics in general. My views are based on my Catholic schooling, my copy of the Catholic Bible that I read very,very occasionally. And watching the Catholic channel here on cable. Mother Angelica in particular. I could get into a little more detail such as celibate priests, sin, sex as procreation vs recreation and so on but we will save that for another day. I have an interest in religion and spirituality and strong views about the ones I am most familiar with.
    With regards to understanding how Catholics see and deal with sex, That is entirely up to the practitioner. I offer my view of the religion in general and not the folks. Many of my friends in India were/are Catholic but here in the states, I do not ask people about what religion they follow.

    “Is Open Mindedness merely accepting every diversity”

    Open Mindedness means considering all views and carefully weighing their merits and demerits. With regards to the Catholic Church in it’s present guise and a lot of it’s history seems devoted to push back.

    “Closed Mindedness being unable to accept that someone has a differing opinion and silencing them”

    Sounds about right.

    “Further to Open Mindedness, why should not people of faith be capable of it?”

    My comment was a bit tongue in cheek. I should have clarified that. Yes certainly people of faith can be open minded. But at least in my experience, the more religious and ritualistic folks are extremely closed minded. And organizations almost always are.

  7. Rishi Gajria

    btw, are ckeefe and toadroller the same person?


    “My wife and I have been married over 15 years and have 5 children, with number 6 on the way.”


  8. Rishi,

    Good stuff. Glad to see that you’re a thinking person.

    Doctrine and message are best read from a good (and autoritative) source on the topic, such as John Paul 2nd’s “A Theology Of The Body,” which I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t blazed a deep trail into.

    No, I am not ckeefe, as you can easily tell by comparing the content, tone, and quality of our messages.

    I’m still trying to decipher his/her comment of “So….you think its (sic) nice to take money from good average people?” which I’m taking to mean that the middle class and below of America has taken the brunt of tax burdens, costs, and dreariness of life, and it’s time to stick it to the rich people… (with which I disagree as both a premise and a solution. But I don’t want to put grammatically correct words in ckeefe’s mouth.)

    I’d welcome a more thought out explanation and opinion from ckeefe.

  9. princeparadox

    Yay, Obama won.

  10. Joseph Salone

    Are you serious?? I cannot understand where you right wingers get off with blaming anything on Obama. For Gods sake hes only been in office for not even 4 months and you are trying to pin all the destruction that the Bush administration did on him. What goes on in your minds? Ive heard that the young are democrats and as you get older you start thinking republican, if thats the truth please God keep me young forever.
    You said that the democrats never gave “President Bush or President Reagan any credit at all for their accomplishments”, well that because (Reagan excluded) there weren’t any accomplishments. Have you seen the state of the economy and you guys have the balls to blame it on Obama? You really have to be kidding me.
    Ive never wanted to label myself democrat or republican but the more lunacy I hear from the replublicans the sicker I become. You guys are brain washed!! God Bless you! And yes Im a democratic Christian,, ooooo the horror!

    • chiefmuser

      Simple. A person does something, I blame him.

      The media is taking sides, these days. Since you can’t depend on the media to tell you the truth, watch what people do.

      Please note:
      President Obama said EVERY legislation he proposed would be posted on line for 5 days before delivered to Congress.
      But he didn’t even allow Congress time to read his stimuls bill.

      President Obama promised he would track every dollar in the stimulus bill.
      The website that was supposed to do that isn’t showing anything yet…it’s been 4 months.

      President Obama said we have to pass the stimulus bill NOW, or unemployment would skyrocket…if passed it would just be bad.
      In fact, unemployment is worse than what President Obama said it would be if we didn’t pass the bill.

      You need to face facts. Democrats love this little phrase: “it happened on his watch!!” That’s the excuse they use when they can’t find any way to actually blame a Republican for things they did.

      But the things that are happening now aren’t just on President Obama’s watch, they are result of things he has done.

      Don’t be fooled by words. Good liars can say anything. You have to think critically.

      I saw the state of the economy from 2002 to 2006. In 2002, we had just sustained a horrible attack on the US financial sector. It took less than 1 year to recover, because President Bush was smart enough to pass tax cuts. Democrats said it would ruin the economy. Instead, the economy took off from 2002 to 2006. In 2006, Democrats took over Congress and already started to ruin the economy. They threatened to end President Bush’s tax cuts, and created the credit crisis (mainly the work of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who took in hundreds of thousands from credit companies).

      Democrats talk about Enron as if it were the worst corruption ever. The corruption in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are far worse, but you don’t hear complaints about those, because the cash went to Democrats.

      Facts, man. You can’t escape facts, if you are intellectually honest, think critically, and don’t swallow Democrat talking points whole.

      But I’m guessing it may already be too late for you.

      • Joseph Salone

        You want facts? Ok, 1) Fact: WE are in a recession. Fact: It was under the watch of the lowest IQ president the “World” has ever seen (You call Bush smart? Cmon, I hope you are smarter than him for your sake).
        2) Fact: The last time the economy was good was under a democrat, one of the greatest presidents America has had, President Clinton.

        I dont need to go any deeper. Bush destroyed America for my family and yours! And you can try to cover up the truth with “Facts” all you want but all I know is that this country was in trouble alot longer than 4 months worth or presidency.

        Think about it, I mean really think about it and dont just be blinded by the whole “Im a republican, and cant even for a second agree with any other party” bull! Like I said, I really dont care about Democrat/Republican/Independent , etc,… classifications. I just called myself democrat because I certainly dont want to be associated with the “overall” views of republican these days. You guys are just as extreme as any Muslim extremists ive heard of. I just go by the “Facts” 😛

      • chiefmuser

        Your facts are nonsense.
        You fail when you claim President Bush has a low IQ.
        The economy was BETTER under Bush than under Clinton.

        So you don’t need to go any deeper because you don’t care about facts, you just believe propaganda rather than thinking critically.

      • Joseph Salone

        Look, this is my last statement because it just makes me sick that people buy into the republican nonsense.

        If there is any propaganda its from the republicans. All they do is point the finger. The democrats this and the democrats that, blah blah blah.. I never hear democrats even consider the republicans. You guys are a bunch of babbling children and basically try to blame everything that you would and do wrong on others instead of taking responsibility. Its ridiculous. Seriously, where is this brainwashing school?

      • Joseph,

        I know how you feel, but I’m on the opposite side of the fence.

        It makes me sick that people buy into the liberal nonsense. I’m not being flippant or argumentative; I truly am astounded that so many people’s understandings of the roles of state and commerce to mankind are such that they can watch the news… and not scream at the reporters for their obvious bias and spin. Yes, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are obnoxious, but their main service is education (or, from your perspective, brainwashing) with a message of personal independence, liberty, and critical thinking. They are conservative apologeticists. Are not Bill Maher, Keith Olberman, and the host of other hosts obnoxious? Are they not smug and smarmy?

        So much for populist talking-heads. Let’s try to get down to mindsets and beliefs.

        How is it that our fundamental beliefs and understandings can be such polar opposites?
        If you want to understand the school of conservative brainwashing, the first piece of propaganda I would recommend you dissect is the Declaration of Independence. We conservatives are always bandying it about and, as you’re a democratic Christian, it must pain you to have republicans take that document as their own. So take it back.

        Sit down this evening, print it out, read it, and highlight portions of it that strike you. Some of it will seem quite modern day for a two hundred and thirty year old document. Think about it and the people’s circumstance in history for a while. It’s a good investment of thirty minutes. Do it instead of watching the evening news. Could you write back here? Tell us what you think it meant back then, what you think it means today? Is it still relevant? I am curious to know because I would think it would be a common ground between us as Americans.

        That should help you see how we mindless republican robots get indoctrinated. From there you can proceed to the Constitution.
        The constitution’s preamble states our government’s purpose, which is to: “…establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”

        My definitions of Conservative and Liberal mindset are (and please correct me where you see fit):

        Conservatives feel an intrinsic responsibility and capability to take care of themselves first and then take care of others through charity. Which they do. Therefore, the less government the better, as it impinges upon said freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility and capability. In summary, “I can, please get out of my way.”

        Liberals seem to notice the unfortunates first (maybe it’s because we’re all fortunate and it’s time to take on the next problem?), and feel that it is an intrinsic obligation of society as a whole to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. Therefore, the more government (in the form of programs or regulations or unions), the better, as it is anonymous and equal giving (in the form of taxation) for the benefit of all. In summary, “You probably can’t …or you wouldn’t be where you are today. Please let us take care of you.”

        And from these mindsets (I can vs. You can’t; I’ll take care of myself vs please take care of me) the political, social, moral, and economic views of the world flow. For me, being told I can’t, or that I’m going to be taken care of is a personal affront. I can, I have, I will, and through generosity in the form of charitable donations and time, I help others.

        So much for mindsets and beliefs; How do they help us view current world events?

        That the government has stepped in to (foolishly attempt to) save two auto companies that have doomed themselves to bankruptcy (which is not ruin, it’s a market correction; is not the end of all jobs, it’s the end of some) is wrong. Fifty billion dollars down that drain just adds fuel to the fire. That the UAW now owns 55% of

        Chrysler and 30% of GM is sad, funny, evidence of corruption, and wrong. They’ve helped contribute to the costs (but not the poor product) that brought the auto companies down, and now they can bargain with a much bigger, maybe even life-long source of revenue, you and me as taxpayers. That’s right, we’re going to be paying some greedy (which has been made to be synonymous with rich in today’s media) people. But instead of doing it voluntarily through purchasing products and services that better our lives, the government is collecting it and distributing it in the form of taxes and loans. Which are now forgiven for G.M. Obama said so on Monday which, to borrow from you, made me sick. Depressed, really.

        That among President Obama’s first acts in office (and Clinton’s too) was to reverse the Mexico Doctrine, thereby enabling my tax dollars to fund abortions in other countries, is wrong. If, as a democratic Christian, you don’t understand that an abortion is the killing of a human being, please reconsider the Declaration of Independence (that life, liberty, pursuit of happiness stuff) and my understanding of Liberalism (You probably won’t have a good life, and you’ll ruin the mother’s, so we’ll conveniently kill you now) and see where that leads you. Or ask the 50,000,000 (one sixth of our population) aborted here in the US since 1973. This makes me sick.

        That tax rates go up the more money you make, is wrong. Make between $32k and $66K, your tax rate is 25%. Make more than $100k, and your tax rate is 33%. By the way, make a little money and fill in the forms correctly, and some of my tax money will go straight to you through Washington. Take from me to give to you. It’s what President Obama calls “spreading the wealth” and he won election on a promise to do much more of that.

        That social security takes 6.2% of my paycheck to “invest” it for me on my behalf without my consent, is wrong. I’m sorry, but if I could invest that 6.2% for the 30 – 40 years of my career, I’d retire an exceedingly wealthy man, my children would have a better start, and I could be setting up funds to contribute to the betterment of society. Instead, that money goes to those who weren’t disciplined enough to say “no” to a new car every four years, cable television, fancy clothes and vacations, and I’m effectively paying them throughout their retirement.

        Heck, pick any news report, local or national, and it’s bound to be about the unfairness of how someone didn’t get what they deserved or were swindled or cheated by greedy (rich) people. And the way to correct this? “There oughta be a law” to prevent this injustice from happening again. They’ll sue. Apparently everyone has a right to a life free of things going wrong. In fact, we’re so afraid of anything ever possibly going wrong that we enact crazy laws like Sarbanes Oxley to try to regulate the unregulatable.

        I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, if I complained that something wasn’t fair, I heard back “life isn’t fair.” When you recognize that life isn’t fair, you recognize that unfair things are just obstacles; roadblocks that slow you down but won’t stop you. You learn to deal with them and overcome. But liberalism seems to say “Life isn’t fair, so we’ll take care of you.” In which case you stop dealing, you stop fighting, you surrender a liberty or two, and the long slippery slope gets a little steeper, a little faster, a little more slick.

        This is the conservative view of the world. Independence, liberty, and a belief in personal capability and responsibility which helps one grow and serve others from your abundance.

        What will it be, Joseph, independence or dependence? Can you, or do you want people to take care of you?

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