Please Watch and Disseminate This

CNN is getting more and more blatant in their partisanship:

Via Hot Air.



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2 responses to “Please Watch and Disseminate This

  1. I am confused are they against all taxes? (I know it was thought of as socialist when the taxes began in the first place.)

    • chiefmuser

      I don’t think it is ALL taxes, although there are certainly some who would like to abolish all taxes.

      It is basically:
      1) President Obama campaigned by promising an overall tax cut, and criticized President Bush for a budget deficit and increasing govt debt.
      2) When people asserted that President Obama would raise spending and taxes to unheard of levels, they were ignored. Our mainstream news media refused to ask him tough questions about his plans for spending and taxation, and refused to follow up on examples of him supporting higher taxes and spending that could have allowed people to make a better choice
      3) The economic situation was known before the election, but President Obama has used the economy as an excuse to break ALL his promises on lowering taxes and spending
      4) Virtually all the spending requests he made because of the economic crisis will do nothing to help the economy, but are exactly the sorts of programs Democrats have sought for years
      5) President Obama has no mandate to do these things. He campaigned as a moderate, but claims his election justifies him to govern as a fairly distantly-left-of-center liberal

      So these protests are saying: Taxes Enough Already (which is partly where the name TEA parties comes from).

      These people do not want to use taxation to redistribute money. These people do not want to use taxation to bring about a liberal view of “social justice”. These people believe that you should keep most of what you earn, and if you don’t earn enough to take care of yourself, you should not expect a comfortable life, nor demand equality with the rich on the basis of a skewed understanding of “fairness”.

      Which is the crux of what I linked: if people just got money on the basis of race and gender and family connections, then perhaps it might be fair to use taxes and government entitlement programs to redistribute money. But 99% of wealth distribution is based on effort and discipline (work ethic and being careful to make good choices), and most people don’t like being punished for making the right choices, while those who make bad choices are rewarded with more money to waste.

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