Basic Disconnects With Basic Concepts

Ezra Klein writes a little article with really bad math.

People comment, hilarity ensues.

Check out this comment, it underscores why liberals and conservatives can’t debate rationally:

This must have been what it was like to try and argue economic policy with a communist. When you establish a value system that declares the top 20% of the population is “getting screwed” when it already receives over 55% of the country’s total income, it becomes impossible to conduct a rational conversation.

First, he uses the word “receives”, as if somebody just wakes up each day and receives their income according to some arcane Right Wing/Conservative formula that rewards white men who already have money.  Um, the correct word is “earns”, as in, creates goods and services of value by bringing together effort and expertise, to which money flows, and from which the individual takes a percentage.

If you insist on obscuring the actual facts, yes, you will end up able to justify theft (involuntary taxation) and you will sound stupid to anyone capable of critical thinking.

But the truly ironic part is when he claims presenting his argument must be what it was like trying to argue with a communist, since his argument is identical to what the communist argument would be, with just as much logic.  He’s internalized that “communism is a failure due to faulty math and faulty precepts,” and so correctly rejects “communism”…but does so by refusing to reject his deeply-held beliefs that are indistinguishable from communism.

Honestly, Democrats and Liberals should really stop trying to defend their views.  Just keep yelling “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” and “right to choose,” and leave it at that.  Those who respond to such buzzwords do so without your needing to waste time crafting an argument around those words, and those who can see through such lazy thinking have already done so.


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