What Do I Think Is Happening in the US Political Scene These Days?

I’m glad you asked.

I think that, contrary to all those people saying that newspapers just don’t get it, they get it just fine.  They saw that the rise of blogs would end their monopoly of gatekeeping, and they bitterly fought against it, tooth and nail, for as long as they could.  They tried to be subtle in 2004, but when that didn’t work, they went all out in 2008.  They knew that capital that isn’t spent is lost, so they pulled every dirty propaganda trick in the book to try and hand control of the Presidency and the Legislature to Democrats.  They did this in order to have a shot at re-instating the Fairness Doctrine, or, failing that, to enact and entrench a massive increase in government spending, taxation, and social programs that would take decades to roll back, if ever.

In the liberal/Democrat belief system, Democrats are on the side of the little guy, which excuses them taking all sorts of bribes from corporations and special interests.  Thus, it really hurts liberals to have people spontaneously rise up in protest against their pet project of a Second Great Society.

Moreover, President Obama is now getting to initiate the Liberal/Democrat approach to International Diplomacy.  And the approach stinks to high heaven.

There is enough information around now for people to see how liberal entertainers selectively pick on conservative politicians, even when said conservative politicians are cool enough to laugh along with them.  They see how hypocritical liberals and Democrats are towards actions/decisions that they complain about when conservatives do them, but applaud when liberal politicians do them.  And the common people can see how plainly President Obama lied during the campaign to get elected, and how every aspect of the liberal establishment (news media, entertainment, and education) lied and dissembled and distorted and concealed to help it happen.

Despite all that, they pretty much like President Obama as a person.

But they don’t trust the gatekeepers anymore.

So they are assembling in Tea Parties.  And they are turning against abortion.  And they are starting to support gun ownership and reject gun control in ever-increasing numbers.  And they want low taxes.

Basically, the United States elected President Obama because they do feel they have moved past racism, and wanted to prove it.  Not the best of reasons, but it is interesting and ironic that electing President Obama would presage and be a symbol of the widespread rejection of liberal ideology.

Just rambling thoughts, but that’s what you get on a blog.


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