Don’t be Preedy!

By Shannon Love:

It has been noted correctly that the local dog catcher has more arbitrary authority over any citizen than does Bill Gates, currently the richest man in America. Bill Gates cannot set one foot on my property if I don’t wish him to but the dog catcher can do so against my will under the color of his authority. If I beat up Bill Gates for trespassing, he will go to jail not I. If I resist the dog catcher, it will trigger a chain of events which can lead to my death at the hands of a SWAT team. That can happen even if the dog catcher is not corrupt. If he is corrupt, things can go very badly, very quickly even for a law-abiding person.

Now, the above quote is an extreme example.  But Ms. Love goes on to make the point that those who lust for power attempt to demonize greed as a way of grabbing the moral high ground.  Then they use the moral high ground to dominate you, even to the point of power over your life and death.


Which is why a liberal writing stories about Conservative tyranny is a little silly/ridiculous, because if tyranny ever comes to the US, it will be at the hands of liberals doing it for our own good.  Just like “Speech Codes” at universities.


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One response to “Don’t be Preedy!

  1. I’m sure you’ve seen a Benny Hill or Laugh-in style short comedy take in which a boy-scout helps a little old lady cross the street against her will.

    I see liberals as the boy scouts, proud of the good deeds they do for those who really don’t want or need them;
    I see conservatives as the little old lady, trying frantically to stop the boy scout by dragging her feet and whacking him with her umbrella.

    Where’s my umbrella?

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