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News Outlets Concealing News?

You can often figure out what the real news is by paying attention to what details are left out.

For instance, liberal-leaning US news orgnizations (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, AP, MSNBC, etc) tend to minimize party affiliation only when Democrats are in trouble, so if a politician is mentioned, and their party afiliation isn’t, 99% of the time it is a Democrat.  In a world in which journalists do their job of seeking out information, that wouldn’t happen.

What is missing from all these reports, then?

Any hint of the driver’s age, nationality, or intent in ramming the parade.

According to most of the accounts, it was like the car/driver was a force of nature.

It wouldn’t take much investigation to find out a little bit more about the man, but there is virtually nothing.  The most that any outlet says (that I found) is that there are some indications that the man intended to hurt people.

Clearly they are attempting to conceal information according to their worldview.

Their worldview is that all cultural values are equal, but minorities come from places with backward cultures, and backward cultures (like minorities) need more protection.  But those that don’t see things that way are racists. Thus, to prevent racism, they conceal the race/ethnicity of the individual who committed the crime.

So my guess is he’s a Muslim.  News organizations tend to find all sorts of euphemisms or other methods to conceal that.


Dunno.  Maybe because it would make it harder for them to paint former President George W. Bush as irresponsible and a bad President.


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Some Suggested Readings

Read this. The first section, where Rep. Nancy Pelosi wants to prosecute Republicans for something she failed to object to when given an opportunity.

Then read this, where Democrats are deliberately sidestepping our system of democracy in order to get universal health care without exposing themselves to political risk for doing so.  Shouldn’t something as big as universal health care get debated?

This one is good, too. Democrats are so in bed with their special interests that they throw poor, minority kids under the bus.

Then check this out: Democrats/Liberals are so committed to promotion on the basis of race/gender proportions, that they would rather no one fill the position than too many white males.  And it results in someone’s death.

This stunning bit of self-serving hypocrisy just must be read.  No summary on this one.

Heck, check out this: Liberals break federal law to enact the laws they wish we had.

Read this, too: A little redundant, considering President Obama’s education, but noteworthy nonetheless.

And all this follows Perez Hilton’s dishonest ambushing of Miss California. I can’t imagine a bigger jerk.  His reasoning is incoherent and stupid, as well.  His exact words: “Do you think other states should follow suit?  Why or why not?”  She answered the question.  She answered it honestly.  And Perez penalized her for not telling him what he wanted to hear.

He claimed her answer was divisive, and Miss America should not be divisive.  Well, if she had answered that, “Yes, other states should follow suit [and allow gay marriage],” then wouldn’t she have angered the 60% majority in the US that opposes gay marriage?  That’s a transparent lie on the part of Perez to give cover to the fact that he blindsided her with an unfair question, hoping to embarrass or surprise her into providing a PR boost to the gay marriage issue.

Then when asked if he wanted her to lie, he stated that she should have been more circumspect, because she was in California, of all places!  Well, WTF?  California did reject gay marriage.  A majority of voters in California did reject gay marriage.  So her answer was perfect on that score.  But, no: Perez Hilton was hoping to shame California for not doing what he wanted.

The common thread of all this?

Democrats/Liberals don’t care about law, they don’t care about consistency, they don’t care about democracy, they don’t care about logic, they don’t care about facts, they don’t care about civility, or honesty, or fairness.  They just want what they want, and they want it now, and they will use any technique to get it, because in their mind, the end justifies the means, and they’ll find a way to justify it after they get what they want.

Which usually means blaming the inevitable failure on Republicans and/or white males.


(and this was all just from today)


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The Liberal View: If It Is Difficult to Meet a High Standard, Erase the Standard

The article.



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I’m Starting to be Happy President Obama Won the Election

No, really.

And that’s not sarcasm.

Look, no matter what President Bush did, the Democrats had an excuse.  They would have done it faster.  Or better.  Or less partisanly.  Or maintained the “respect of the world” while doing it.  Why didn’t they do any of these things when Bill Clinton was in power?  Because of Newt Gingrich, of course.  And because too many white males or (ew!) Christians are too prudish about sex.

The logic doesn’t really make sense, but it doesn’t have to.

The fact is, they have scored lots of points by never giving President Bush or President Reagan any credit at all for their accomplishments.

Well, now they are in charge.  And despite all the “Hope and Change”, President Obama is doing pretty much the same thing as President Bush on all the things Democrats hate (i.e., pursuing war, Guantanamo Bay incarceration, etc), and President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress is very clearly doing worse at running the country effectively as they do all the things Democrats love (i.e., expanding government control over the economy, raising taxes, undemocratically enacting Democrat “social justice” policy by fiat, etc).

That’s why we have the Tea Parties.  And that’s why Democrats cannot handle the reality of true, grassroots Tea Parties.  It exposes the lie that they would have done things better.

Democrats are really showing that they are political adolescents.  They just know they’d do better than the stupid, square, unenlightened adults if just given the chance!   Well, now they have the chance, and they are proving how inept they are.

This one administration will set back Democrat liberalism/progressiveism for a good 2-3 decades.

Remember how the 20s were wild, wild, wild?  Well, it was followed by 3.5 decades of Conservatism and having grown-ups in charge of the country and society (for the most part…).

Get ready for it to happen again.


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More Events That Make Me Fear Liberals Running the Government

Stifling 1st Amendment Rights.

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Not Making Good Sense

Diversity of Thought will marginalize you.  Diversity of Thought will be punished by liberals in power whenever they can.

I don’t know about you, but that just makes me feel all sorts of secure in my rights! [/sarcasm]

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Making Good Sense

1) Lay off Garofalo for calling Tea Partiers “racists”

2) Racism is dead

The thought process behind those statements is here.


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