Guitar Obsessions: It’s a Sickness in My Soul

A few weeks ago, I bought a ’91 Hamer XT Californian (import) for $100, shipping included, and practice amp included.  I figure, sell the amp for $30, take better pictures of the guitar, and sell it for $120 or so, and I make a $50 profit.  I cannot go wrong.

Except that I *really* like the guitar.

Yeah, it’s got a huge chip/gouge out of the wood just below the volume knob.  Well, so what?

1) it doesn’t affect the sound

2) it means I don’t really need to be worried about any other minor dings.

The guitar is really dirty.  I haven’t loosened the strings to clean the fretboard yet, but I will.  The fretboard is filthy.  But except for the gouge, the paint job is really nice.  A good polish could make it shine nicely.  And it might not be impossible to fill the gouge and paint over it for a 90%+ color/albedo match.

But: man!  The guitar rocks.  It’s really loud and sweet sounding unplugged.  I haven’t plugged it in yet, to tell the truth (no time! busy!).  And the neck/action is really fast and smooth, too.

I don’t want to sell it anymore.

China is getting really good at making good quality guitars.  Both my Chinese factory-made XTs are better than any but the very best Korean-made guitars.  I’d bet this is better quality than even a Mexican strat (generally considered to be below USA Strat quality, but better than any other nation’s import).  It is just plain a damn good guitar.

With the USA Diablo on the way, and with how much I like this guitar, there’s a very good chance that the Slammer by Hamer Centaura will be sold.  It is in great condition, and the trem works perfectly, but the sound is sub-par.  No reason to hold on to it that I can tell.

I guess I’m going to end up with a bunch of awesome shredders without any ability to take advantage of it.

That’s just the way I roll.


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