I’ve played on my Ministar Rokstar a little.  One of the reasons I purchased it was a cheap/easy way to test out a P-90 sound.

It wasn’t like angels singing or anything.

In fact, the P-90 really just sounds like a Humbucker with the tone turned way down, to me.  It’s not a sound that I like really much.

And when I’ve asked for other guitarists who use P-90s (in order to picture in my mind a characteristic P-90 sound), I get told: Pete Townshend (who I don’t listen to), the guitarist from Green Day (who uses enough distortion to render the difference between P-90 and humbucker mostly moot), and Lesle West of Mountain (who plays only one song I know: Mississippi Queen, which sounds mostly like a rather saturated humbucker in the neck position).

Well, after thinking about a thick single coil sound with greater saturation, and a very non-trebly sound overall, I finally thought of someone whose tone I can imagine/hear that might play a P-90: John Fogarty in his Credence Clearwater Revival days.

So I looked on wikipedia, and, sure enough: John Fogarty is listed first as artists famous for using a P-90 pickup sound.

I like his tone fine, but it wasn’t one I would spend much time pursuing.  I’m glad there are people who like P-90 pickup sounds, but I’m also glad I didn’t spend $300+ to find out it wasn’t really what I wanted.  Heck, I very nearly purchased a Hamer USA Special with P-90s for $550.  That could have been an expensive mistake.


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