There have been nearly 370 comments left on this blog since it began.


In contrast, the spam blocker has protected me from 1203 spam comments in that same span.

Don’t you feel embarrassed for getting out-commented by spam!?!???



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5 responses to “Comments

  1. That isn’t even 3:1

    My blog is at 8:1, at least (because it does not include the stuff completely eaten by “Bad Behavior”)

    You need better spammers.

    YAY! Comment 371!

  2. I’ll take quality over quantity anytime. As long as my few readers have something thoughtful or profound (or hilarious) to say, I’m happy.

  3. ROFL… To funny!!! I logged in to find 897 comments in my spam since my last visit (which has been a while, you know school and stuff.)

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