I’d Like to Buy More Guitars…

But at this point, I really am satisfied with my stable.

I just received the CX-series import Cali in the mail the other day. Just like all my other import Hamers, a surprisingly good guitar. It has a really good sound unplugged, and a really good feel. Great action.

One area where they cut costs is the fretboard. It really seems like the maple fretboard is unfinished. So dirt/finger oils really collected there.

1) suggestions on cleaning it?

2) does having the fretboard be unfinished reduce the life of the neck? Does it warp more easily or wear down more quickly than a finished fretboard?

3) Should I oil it with linseed tung or something?

I think one of the reasons I’ve lost my GAS is I have to play on all these guitars and get to know them. I’m working on my masters while working full time, and 4 classes is just 2 too many; I don’t have time to play any of ’em right now. But the time I’m done with this set of classes, I’ll be off to Iraq. But I’ll be looking forward to playing all my import Hamers when I get back. And maybe at that time, I’ll treat myself to a Hamer USA Californian, no matter what the cost.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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