Guitars: I’m Having Problems Thinking of New Titles for my Guitar Musings

This time, it’s just the realizations:


I like the humbucker in the bridge position.  Every once in a while, I might try for a blues thing with the neck position humbucker, but I’ve never really liked the saturated sound you get in the neck position.  I sometimes like the quack you get from using the middle and bridge position pickups (Humbucker split to single coil).  So all of my guitars have pretty much been H/S/S guitars.

About a year ago, that really started changing.  I got the Revolver X, then the JB Player Sledgehammer…but the Westones were all H/S/S.  I got the Monterey X, and the Vertigo X, both H/H, but sold ’em.

But every since I got the Hamer Stellar 1, I’ve been going after different guitars.  Now I have the Stellar 1, the XT SATF, the Sledgehammer, the Revolver Pro (sold the X for a $100+ profit a while back), and the incoming XT Californian.  All have H/H configuration.  And along with that, I have 2 Calis and a Vandenberg, and those 3 have an H/S setup.  So the only guitar I have with a middle pickup is the Carvin…and I’m seriously considering selling it.  I won’t, but I’m seriously considering it.


I have had a love/hate relationship with tremolos.  I hate the problems they cause for string bending.  And I can’t really use them well.  I can’t muffle the strings quickly enough to hide the sound of letting up on the bar.  I can’t really use it smoothly.  I’m probably about as good with a trem as I am with a slide: 4% of good.

But you can’t play “Barracuda” without a tremolo.  And there are other techniques you need one for.

So after nearly giving up on tremolos, I’ve found a few that stay in tune: my Revolver Pro, my Vandenberg, and my Hamer Korean Imports.  Okay.

But aside from that, I always like hardtail bridges.  Maybe from my time playing bass, it just seems like the right way to have a bridge.

But starting from the Sledgehammer, I’ve started getting more and more and more Tune-o-Matic bridges.  I used to hate ’em.  I thought they were silly looking.  Part of that is they are so closely associated with Les Pauls, and (Guitar Gods, forgive me!) I really don’t like Les Pauls.  Why?  Dunno.  But I don’t.

So now I have the Sledgehammer, the Stellar 1, the SATF, and the incoming Californian, all with the TOM bridge.

A year ago, I’d have told you my favorite configuration was a hardtail bridge with an H/S/S setup.  Now I have only 1 guitar of 10 with that setup.

I can’t say I’m ashamed or shocked at the realization…but I do feel slightly stunned: how did I change so fast?

The beauty and sustain of the Stellar 1 and XT SATF, I guess.


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