Chris Matthews is a Partisan Hack

Yeah, I know: Quelle Surprise.

But watch this crap.

Twice (twice!), Chris Matthews said, “…the mess/recession we inherited [from President Bush]…”


Is Chris Matthews a part of the Obama administration or something?  Heh.  Of course he is, but is he now an official part of the Obama administration?

One thing Ari Fleischer got wrong: he should have pointed out that the economy started going bad when the Democratic-controlled Congress threatened to cancel President Bush’s tax cuts, and then refused to allow more domestic drilling when oil prices skyrocketed, and then resisted President Bush (and Congressional Republican) attempts to rein in excessive risky mortgages and end dodgy practices in the financial sector (the leaders of continuing the risky practices were Sen. Dodd and Rep. Frank, both of whom are Democrats, both of whom had unprofessional personal stakes in ensuring fiscal sanity was not imposed).


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