Audience Participation Time on the Blog

I usually get a minimum of 30 or so hits each day.  If I don’t post for a few days, maybe 18.

Now, I’m sure a good number of hits are from those searching about Hamer or other guitars.  I post lots of crap about that, and am fairly high in google rankings on that topic.

But clearly I have some regular daily readers, too.  I have some that stop by once or twice a week, which is not unexpected.

Most of you I know by your comments only.  Some I know from visiting your blog after you leave comments.  Some I know in other contexts, as well.

But if I don’t know you, leave a comment and introduce yourself.

If I do know you a little bit, share a little bit more about yourself in the comments.

…keeping in mind that this is a public blog, of course; there’s no point in sharing information you want to keep private.

Along with all that, I’m willing to take suggestions and answer questions myself, within reason (of course).

So leave some comments!!!



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7 responses to “Audience Participation Time on the Blog

  1. Morgan

    My name is Morgan Thomas. I live in the South-East Texas suburbs. I have one wonderful child, two fat dogs, and one beautiful wife. I consider myself just right of moderate on many issues, but I’m conservative on the issues of abortion, the death penalty, fiscal responsibility and immigration.

    I love reading — particularly biography, history and historical fiction — but find much less time to do it than I once did. My favorite authors currently, in no particular order, are Bernard Cornwell, James Lee Burke and David McCullough.

    I can sort-of fake my way through a handful of songs on a guitar, if my listeners are not too picky, or if they don’t have particularly acute hearing.

    I don’t watch much TV, but have to admit to a shameful addiction to “Dancing With the Stars.” Back when it was still on weekly, I suffered from a (probably) shameful addiction to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I’m currently in a 12-step program for both, but find that my heart just isn’t in it…

  2. Rishi Gajria

    Well, I am a student at Milwaukee. I came to y0ur website searching for Guitar reviews. Those are really nice. No interest in your political views. Please post more guitar reviews and your thoughts on music, those are really good reading.

  3. Col

    I play in a band called Magic Ship.

  4. I notice you don’t seem to get out there and comment very often at other places. So I’ll give you an opportunity. Since you’re such a music lover (or at least a guitar lover), I’m going to invite you to do a musical meme. Stop by my place for details.

  5. I’m a forty year old happily married father of five with one in the chamber. Ew, that’s a sick description. Let me try again.

    …with number six on the way

    I live in byootiful Maine, but my life has been evenly divided between Ohio (up to age ten), New Hampshire (through age 23), Colorado (up to 37) and back to New England with Maine.

    I came across Chiefly musing on a Hamer related surf (I just snagged my third, a Stellar 1 off ebay for $150 delivered. We’ll see if it’s a keeper. If not, can be flipped) or a Broncos surf (sorry, 14 years in Denver area through the Elway era will have an impact on you) or a political surf (I’m exceedingly conservative, and intend to weigh in on some of your dispatches, but writing, especially political apologetics writing, is such careful work that I can never sit down long enough to tackle the job correctly).

    Guitars have become, in the last two years, my number one hobby whereas I was a tinker-plinker since about 2000 when my wife made the mistake of getting me a guitar for Christmas. I’m sitting on a collection of about ten electrics ranging from value to quality models, plus a fine and dandy Taylor that rarely sees the light of day. I enjoy tweaking and fixing, and did a fret leveling on a value Xaviere telecaster last night; did a pretty good job, if I must say so myself.

    It’s my intention to do photos and writeups of the collection on my blog, but writing requires inpired effort. So stay tuned.

    • chiefmuser

      Yeah, I gotta see pictures of the ones you work on.

      Did you pick up the purple Stellar 1 that was up yesterday. Man, I wanted that one. But I passed because it was only due to color. I don’t need any more guitars that don’t have actual different, useful tones/functions than the ones I already have.

  6. I was named after an actor 60’s Prime Time Drama.

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