A Few More Guitars

Well, I sold three guitars last week.

I made about $330 on ’em.  $100 on the Hamer USA Artist, $175 on the Alvarez acoustic, and about $60 on the Hamer import Echotone.  I really thought I’d get more on the Echotone.

So what did I do?  I turned around and bought 3 more guitars.

One was an accident.  I saw a 1988 Carvin DC-150, and bid $350 on it.  Surely someone would bid higher than that, right?  Right?  Nope.  It’s a good guitar, though: 24 frets, maple fretboard, neck-through-body, Kahler Pro tremolo (I’ve been wanting one of those), H/H with coil taps for both, and a phase shifter.  That should allow a huge range of sonic choices.  This guitar could be a keeper, especially at that price.

One was just a damn good deal.  I saw a Hamer XT (import) Californian.  24 frets, maple fretboard, and string-through-body style.  It had a chip out of one part of the body, but came with gig-bag, leather strap, and amp.  All for $100, free shipping.  I had to bid $100, but surely someone would outbid me, right?   Right?  Nope.  Ah, well, I’ll compare it to my other guitars, and it may end up replacing my Carvin Bolt.  Maybe.  In any case, I can certainly sell the amp for $20 – $30, which makes the guitar even cheaper.  It had horrible pictures, and no description whatsoever.  If I want to sell it, I should be able to get about $180 total between the guitar and amp.

One was another lust example.  I saw a Hamer Korean import Californian.  Yeah, I already have an import Cali, a Hamer Slammer Series.  This one has the plain “Hamer” on the headstock, no subscript.  It is plain black, which wouldn’t normally attract me (especially since I have one with transparent Cherry finish)…but it had Boomerang inlays.  It looks like this:Hamer Korean Import Californian Deluxe (mine is black)

(Mine is black rather than Amber) Everything else I have just has dot inlays.  I wanted something special.  And I got it for only $265 (plus about $35 shipping).  That ain’t bad for an import Cali Deluxe.  I’m interested in comparing it with my current Cali.  The loser may get sold, or I may just maintain a small stable of shredders with two Calis, a Vandenberg, and this new Carvin…and I may end up deciding to keep the Centaura, too, just to have yet another shredder.  Honestly, the workmanship on all these is awesome…I just can’t let ’em go.

Hamer Korean Import Californian Deluxe (mine is black)

So the Ibanez GRG, the Hamer USA Studio, the Westone Frankenstein (destined to be parted out), the Slammer Special, and the Austin Les Paul copy are all slated to go.  I need to see if I can repair the Slammer Special…one pot is loose and it has no sound.  I had originally intended to repair the Austin, but that’s too much hassle right now. 

So with the acquisitions, I’m now considering selling my Carvin Bolt and my Hamer Stellar 1.  I just don’t play the Stellar enough.  The Bolt may no longer be useful or unique in my stable after I get the DC-150 for the Carvin HB sound…and the JB Player can credibly do a Single Coil sound if the DC-150 can’t (which I think it can).  Plus, my Calis and the the Vandenberg all have single coils in the neck position.  And the Centaura may still go, too.  It’s tough to decide, I tell ya!


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