One Trillion Dollars

Here’s one graphic representation of a trillion dollars in $100 bills.

Here’s some text representations of a trillion dollars in both $100 and $1 bills.

My reaction to all this?

More and more, money is imaginary.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve had as much $100 in my wallet.  It’s all numbers.  It’s all digital.  I get paid electronically, I pay all my bills electronically, I am slowly, electronically paying off my house.  I do hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of transactions every year (when you combine my pay, my payments with the credit card, and my payments to my credit card), yet maybe see $1000 cash in that same time frame.

All it would take would be something (an attack?  an error?) that overcame all redundancies and failsafes at the same time, and it would be nearly impossible to sort out ownership of nearly everything, and nearly impossible to recover trillions of dollars worth of wealth (the created intersection of effort + knowledge/skill, remember?).



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2 responses to “One Trillion Dollars

  1. And my sense of depression grows…

  2. chiefmuser

    As well it should, ZB, as well it should.

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