The Harm Done By the American Left

In their double standard of “Republican=Bad, Democrat=Good” applied to everything from diplomacy to foreign wars to education reform, the American Left harms us internationally for the purpose of improving their political chances domestically.

From Jay Nordlinger:

I am also reminded of the harm the American Left can do, around the world: They paint Gitmo as some kind of disgraceful Orwellian hellhole, which it certainly is not — and people such as Algerian interior ministers follow suit.

Look, even Barack Obama’s attorney general — our new AG, Eric Holder — says that Gitmo is an admirable facility. But it’s a little late for that now, isn’t it?

I think of a point a major foreign-policy official made to me, in December. He made it forcefully, and it left an impression on me: A lot of people failed to realize that, in going after President Bush and damaging him, they were damaging America more broadly, throughout the world. They may not have intended to do the latter; they may have intended only to hurt Bush. But they did more than that.


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