If You Wanted to Destroy the a Nation From Within…

…how would you go about it?

Wouldn’t you start with the economy?

Wouldn’t you continue with upending all sorts of social conventions?

Wouldn’t you enact initiatives that would make your more radical supporters happy (and eager for more)?

Wouldn’t you make all sorts of harmless-sounding promises in your campaign to get that position of power, and then ignore all those promises once you get it?

And wouldn’t you justify ignoring (betraying) all your promises by claiming a mandate?

And to that list you can add: Insulting our closest allies?

From the comments: I don’t think any of this is on purpose at all.  But it has been effective in driving our economy into the ground so far.  The rest will take more time to disintegrate.



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6 responses to “If You Wanted to Destroy the a Nation From Within…

  1. Strange that you leave out the entire eight year mess Bush created. If you Republicans genuinely voted and accepted his World destroying mandate, then perhaps you should start asking yourself if Republicans should be allowed any where near Government ever again. (Or at least until you guys start accepting that anything slightly left of Reagan, isn’t actually Socialism…. otherwise Nixon and Eisenhower, by recent Republican hysterical logic, would be nothing short of Communists.)

    • chiefmuser

      It isn’t strange for me to not mention any economic mess by President Bush. The only “mess” President George Bush created was in the imaginations of those suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome.

      “World Destroying mandate”? You don’t understand anything about the world. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but you are enslaved by your ideology and ignorance.

      But more to the point: what the heck are you talking about? You are projecting your own defensiveness onto the post. I admit I imply quite a bit, but I don’t refer to socialism at all, nor do I have list of anything that President Bush’s eight years could be “left out” of.

  2. ironsword

    WARNING! Any politician who says he/she is part of a religion of God and professes to believe in or support major heresies (abortion, homosexuality, etc.), knowingly or unknowingly practices Satanism. “AND WHOSOEVER SHALL KEEP THE WHOLE LAW BUT OFFEND IN ONE POINT IS BECOME GUILTY OF ALL.” James 4(10).

    • chiefmuser

      Stop being silly.
      We all have sinned, yes. But religion is about grace, not perfection.
      Using “falling short” as evidence of hypocrisy is an immature and dishonest argument.

  3. I don’t know if I would use the term “destroy” a nation rather than “reshape” it, which is what I believe is happening…it is being reshaped into something it was never intended to be. This is a trend that began with FDR and has continued unabated until now, when it looks like the left has achieved their victory.
    I agree completely with you about campaign promises; from transparency, to ending earmarks, to ethics, none of them has been kept, in fact, it seems they have been taken to the other extreme. When you add up all the appointments (especially a tax cheat heading up the Treasury Department and Eric Holder, the man responsible for steering the Marc Rich pardon away from the DOJ, as Attorney General), the massive earmarks in the new budget and spending (not stimulus) bill, Biden holding closed meetings with Union officialS, I think what we have is a man who said anything (and meant nothing) to get elected. Now that he is elected and has the votes in Congress, he will do anything he damn well pleases, public opinion be damned.

    • chiefmuser

      I’m not saying anyone is setting out to destroy the US.

      I’m not even trying to set up a conspiracy theory. I think his intent is actually honorable. But I do find it interesting, that of all the things I understand about the health of a nation and the health of a society, the ones that lead to decadence and fall of a great nation are being deliberately chosen now.

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